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    Betty's Sweet Chili Dip

    By Betty Bramanis
    Creamy with a touch of sweet heat. A perfect addition to a party or a...

    Betty's Sweet Gerkin & Onion Dip

    By Betty Bramanis
    Sweet, tangy and very addictive! This dip is something different and so easy to make....

    Clothes pin Cookies

    By Carole F
    What a unique way of making cookies..yes, you use a wooden clothes pin! These little...

    IMITATION CRAB DIP (Great stuff!)

    I love crab dip but when my 3 sons were growing up I couldn't afford crab....

    Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

    By Suzanna Drum
    I make this for every special occasion- even my own wedding. For special events- make a...

    Cin's Strawberry-Chocolate Pound Cake

    By Straws Kitchen(*o *)
    Not only was this a fun cake to make, it turned out to be a very...

    Peachy Cake Semi Homemade

    By Magda Houtz
    A moist flavorful cake with sweet yummy creaminess.

    Cheesecake Sugar Cookie bars by Freda

    These Taste Just LIke Cheese Cakes, but cut into Very Rich Bars.

    Amazing Cheese Dip

    By kimberly fugate
    This cheese dip is served at our house all through the year it is a great...
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    11 Recipes That Spotlight Pesto

    Bright green in color, pesto is a classic northern Italian sauce. Traditionally made with basil, Parmesan, garlic, olive oil, and nuts (pine nuts or walnuts), it has a slightly grassy and nutty flavor. Easy to make at home, it’s versatile and quite tasty. We’re sharing pesto sauce from scratch recipes along with ways you can […]

    14 Fresh Tomato Dishes for Summer

    14 Fresh Tomato Dishes for Summer

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    13 Summer Grilled Side Dishes

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