#Savory Recipes

Sassy & Savory Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Sassy & Savory Au Gratin Potatoes

By Christina Haley
Just added a twist to a classic comfort favorite side dish. Flavorful, hot and melty with...
African Chicken Peanut Butter Stew Recipe

African Chicken Peanut Butter Stew

By Terrie Hoelscher
You can tweak the spices and seasonings on this to suit your fancy ... I'm not...
French Meat Pie Recipe

French Meat Pie

By JoSele Swopes
This is a recipe my family to include myself have been making for Thirty years now...we...
Savory Bacon Cheddar Cheese Scones Recipe

savory bacon cheddar cheese scones

By kathy helstrom
My husband is a real bacon lover! Sometimes I don't have enough bacon for a...
Savory Mushroom Beef Barley Soup Recipe

Savory Mushroom Beef Barley Soup

By Beth M.
This was in the Boston Globe,when I first came across it; and I have prepared it...
Blackened Red Snapper Salad With Devil Eggs Recipe

Blackened Red Snapper Salad with Devil Eggs

By Edna Davis
If you love fish, you are going to love this dish. As usual, I created this recipe...
Creamy Egg Dressing With Grilled Romaine Hearts Recipe

Creamy Egg Dressing With Grilled Romaine Hearts

By Edna Davis
This grilled romaine heart salad is a taste of heaven, it's creamy, succulent, savory and delicious,...
Flavor Filled Pot Roast Recipe

Flavor Filled Pot Roast

By Deneece Gursky
The smell of my steak seasoning reminded me of the smell of porketta, which is probably...
Potato Soup Recipe

Potato Soup

By Michelle Grooms
One very cold and rainy November day, I was craving some potato soup that I had...
Marijane's Roasted Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Marijane's Roasted Turkey Sandwich

By Beth M.
What could be nicer after the holiday? ANSWER: sliced turkey,layered between two good pieces of bread,...
Corn And Pepper Muffins Recipe

Corn and Pepper Muffins

By Valerie Johnson
I found this recipe on browneyedbaker's website. Her title for it is Savory Corn and...
Traditional Uzbek Rice Pilaf Recipe

Traditional Uzbek Rice Pilaf

By Joe Spector
For my first recipe, I have to start off with my most favorite Uzbek dish. ...
Bacon And Cantaloupe Salad Recipe

Bacon and Cantaloupe Salad

This is a terrific salad! Easy to make and yummy. I really like the combination of...
An Elvis Sammie With A Twist Recipe

An Elvis Sammie with a Twist

By Jan W
This is my entry for the Sammie Challenge for August 19th, 2011. Ingredients for the...
Zucchini And Carrot Pancakes Recipe

Zucchini and Carrot Pancakes

By Tasha Kaye
These a wonderful with pure maple syrup for breakfast! Visit my vegan food blog for more...
Savory Mashed Potato Pie Recipe

Savory Mashed Potato Pie

By Kim Biegacki
Wow, potato flakes can be impressive! I was shocked at the richness and beauty of this...
Sweet Plantains Recipe

Sweet Plantains

By Sophia F
i love these with rice and chicken! delicious!
Vegetable Turnover Recipe

Vegetable Turnover

My daughter introduced me to this turnover. She is a vegetarian and did not use...
Savory Stuffing Casserole Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^ .
This Savory Stuffing Casserole is a different twist on an old favorite, and is definitely company...
Valley Green's Southern-style Crab Cakes Recipe

Valley Green's Southern-Style Crab Cakes

By Cindy DeVore
I can't take total credit for these luscious crab cakes. They are a combination of many...
Inside Out Brauten Recipe

Inside Out Brauten

By Didi Dalaba
This is a recipe I created for the Ninja Chopped challenge using packged coleslaw, cauliflower and...
Beaumonde Bread Recipe

Beaumonde Bread

By Shelia Tucker
This is Hot Cheese Bread, with Seasonings . This Bread is good to serve with a...
Der Rhinelander Lentil Soup Recipe

Der Rhinelander Lentil Soup

By Linda Hoover
For my 10th birthday my parents took me on a three hour drive to Der Rheinlander...
Baked Hush Puppies Recipe

Baked Hush Puppies

I have to tell you that nothing will take the place of a good old deep...