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Easy cheesy skillet casserole

By sherry monfils
A healthy, easy to put together skillet casserole.

Weeknight Italian Sausage Pasta with Broccoli

By Margaret G
I adapted this recipe from one in my local newspaper years ago, making changes to make...

Kale with Sausage and White Beans

By Patty Ward
I have been trying to use more dark leafy greens in my cooking. They seem to...

Sherry's easy, healthy lasagna

By sherry monfils
I made this as easy as possible w/ jarred marinara sauce and made it healthy by...

Easy, healthy Italian soup

By sherry monfils
A very easy and healthy soup for those cold nights. Serve w/ fresh Italian bread for...

Easy healthy winter soup

By sherry monfils
This is a very healthy soup. Great for the winter.

Easy Italian Turkey Meatloaf

By Garrison Wayne
I am definitely a meatloaf lover. I usually bake with beef and sometimes mix it in...

Spinach Pie

By Marie Freeman
This was my Mom's recipe. It is rich and delicious and a real comfort food with...

Smokey Vegetable Pasta Low Fat

By Donna Thiemann
After my husband suffered a heart attack I had to learn to cook all over again....

Healthy sausage-apple rigatoni

By sherry monfils
I adapted this from a recipe my mom gave me to make it less in fat...

Healthy sausage gumbo

By sherry monfils
I love gumbo, but wanted a healthier version, so I made this. it's very tasty!!

Healthy & Easy Shepherd's Pie

By Suzann Darnall
I used to weigh 275 lbs. I lost 129 lbs by eating healthier & exercising. I...

Healthy & Easy Chocolate Mousse

By Cathy LaFay
I found this in a low carb magazine years ago. Im not a tofu fan...

Easy Biscuits and Gravy

By Cheryl Campagna
I love short cuts for breakfast since I am NOT a morning person. This is a...

GG's sausage casserole

By Alice Hayes
This one was make by my grandmother. I never left her house without asking for some...

Easy Creamy Sausage Dip

By Monica Snyder
This dip was a huge hit at our Superbowl party! We served it on top of...

Breakfast Casserole - Easy & Flexible

By Marianne Gleason
This recipe has so few ingredients and is super easy to make. Crescent rolls are...


By Ellen Bales
My mother made this several times every summer when I was growing up and I have...

Sausage & Zucchini Casserole

By Diane Schmidt
This is a very easy recipe to make, but so delicous! I have brought this to...
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