Spread Recipes

Dads Creamy Spread

By Nancy Allen
When I was a kid my dad would mix this creamy beautiful spread and put it...

My Pumpkin Butter

By Gail Herbest
I thought I would give it a try and just kept adding and tasting until I...


By Eddie Jordan
By making your own KETCHUP, you can reduce the amount of salt, as well as eliminating...

Mango Tango Sauce

By nellie rickey
Started this by trying to duplicate a sauce my friend makes at his restaurant. I love...

Home Canning Fruits

By Kimberly Biegacki
I had a taste testing with my nephew Noah today but it wasn't the usual pickle...

Yellow Squash Relish

By Robin Grover
This squash relish recipe was shared by a dear friend of mine, and I have been...

Apple Butter

By Giselle Gonzalez
This recipe is so easy, you'll be a sucess at your very first try.

Zucchini Relish

By Leah Robertson
Have a bunch of extra zucchini from your garden? Here is a yummy recipe you can...

Easy Fresh Mayonnaise

By Elaine Douglas
I have been making fresh mayonnaise for many years. HIstorically it was made by the father...


By Cheryl Culver
Love this Herb Butter on Fresh Grilled Corn and Breads too, it's also good on lots...

Cucumber Dill Dip Tzatziki American style

By Deb Crane
Cucumber,Dill and garlic in a creamy spread or dip! Great with pita bread, vegetable plate, crackers...

Devils Spread

By Vanessa Marie Milare
It is a family favorite sandwich. It makes a easy lunch. We either eat it plan...

Heart Healthy Blender Mayonnaise

By Susan Feliciano
Based on a recipe that came with my blender 30 years ago - this recipe uses...


By sallye bates
My darling granddaughter brought this recipe home from her job at Texas Roadhouse. I tweaked...


By Ellen Bales
Saw this on Facebook and just HAD to copy it for my granddaughter. Every time we...

Apple Scrap Jelly

By Kat Strickland
I hate to waste anything, so this uses the scraps from my apple pie jam to...


By sallye bates
This is a great hearty butter that can be used as an accompaniment to such a...

Grilled Cheese Garlic Mayo Spread

By Rhonda E!
I got this idea from a restaurant that made great deli sandwiches and they made them...

Pesto Torte

Pesto anything is good by me, but this one is *really* good.

Bunyan's Diabetic Blue Cheese Balls

By Paul Bushay
If you like blue cheese, this will knock your socks off! And they're safe for us...

Bacon and Tomato Spread

By SHARON Gneiser Douglas Hunter

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

By Judy Sprague
Have made this recipe on several occasions. Recently made it for a bridal shower. Everyone raved...

Beef Cheese Ball

By ginger nix
If the look of a cheeseball wrapped in beef is not appealing, try chopped pecans or...
15 Flavorful Halibut Recipes

15 Flavorful Halibut Recipes

Halibut is an easy fish to add to your diet. Rich in minerals and nutrients, this clean-tasting fish is a healthy and tasty dinner option. One half-filet of halibut provides more than a third of your daily dose of vitamins and minerals! Check out these flavorful halibut recipes that belong in your summer diet.

20 Portobello Mushroom Recipes

20 Portobello Mushroom Recipes

The portobello mushroom is one of the most popular varieties of mushrooms in the world. Known as natural cancer-fighters and providing numerous health benefits, so portobellos are a tasty addition to your diet. Whether you are going low-carb, want to partake in Meatless Monday, or are on a plant-based diet, portobellos will become a staple […]

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Summer Recipes That Spotlight Cucumbers

When thinking of summer vegetables, squash and zucchini are probably at the top of the list. But, cucumbers are abundant too and we think they deserve the same spotlight. While they are technically a fruit, for cooking many consider them and treat them like a veggie. From a classic cucumber, tomato, and onion salad to […]