Spread Recipes

Jan 17, 2020

Never Fail Homemade Mayonnaise

By Kitchen Crew
You’ll be surprised to find out mayonnaise is quick and easy to make at home. A...
Jan 14, 2020

Air Fryer Essentials: Tomato Soup Grilled Cheese

By Andy Anderson !
We all know that tomato soup is a great addition to a grilled cheese. So, instead...
Jan 10, 2020

Spread Essentials: Sweet & Savory Tomato Jam II

By Andy Anderson !
This is not your average tomato jam. I thought I would kick it up a bit with...
Nov 7, 2019

Maple Bacon Butter

By Kitchen Crew
This maple bacon compound butter will elevate your breakfast. It's sweet, smoky, and absolutely delicious. Try...
Nov 7, 2019

Cranberry Orange Pecan Butter

By Kitchen Crew
Add this cranberry orange pecan compound butter to your holiday meal. It's sweet and tangy. Try...
Nov 7, 2019

Garlic and Herb Compound Butter

By Kitchen Crew
This compound butter is filled with holiday herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage. Easy to make,...
Oct 12, 2019

Texas Roadhouse-style Cinnamon Butter

By Carolyn Haas
I recently ate at Texas Roadhouse for the first time in years and was reminded of...
Sep 28, 2019

Basil Lemon Butter

By Francine Lizotte
This butter is not only delicious on a dinner roll but a very versatile ingredient in...
Sep 24, 2019

Condiment Essentials: French Style Dijon Mustard

By Andy Anderson !
This is my third posting for mustard. The first one was an excellent mild yellow mustard....
Aug 30, 2019

Spiced Whiskey Apple Butter

By Naomi Nakashima
This apple butter is warm and spicy and enhanced with the flavor of your favorite whiskey....
Aug 7, 2019

Homemade Mayonnaise

By Francine Lizotte
Fresh is the best and by making your own, you'll appreciate how good mayonnaise can be...
Aug 1, 2019

Creton Maison

By Francine Lizotte
Try this delicious traditional Québécois meat spread in the morning on toast, in a sandwich for...
Jul 31, 2019

Mayonnaise Essentials: Faux Duke’s Version

By Andy Anderson !
Duke’s Mayonnaise: The Southern spread with a cult following. If you are from the South, you...
Jul 2, 2019

Starwberry Butter

By Francine Lizotte
A delicious new spread to enjoy on your favorite bread, biscuits, muffins, etc... It's a great...
Jun 28, 2019

BBQ Essentials: Alabama White Sauce (Variation)

By Andy Anderson !
This is a BBQ white sauce recipe that I have used for a long time. Over...
Apr 14, 2019

DIY Essentials: Clear you Sinuses Brown Mustard

By Andy Anderson !
Okay, first off, this ain’t your basic Grey Poupon… Full Stop. This stuff is hot enough...
Apr 3, 2019

Condiment Essentials: Booted Up Mayonnaise

By Andy Anderson !
A few years ago, while on a speaking tour through Maryland, I stumbled upon a small...
Mar 16, 2019

Condiment Essentials: Spicy "Adults Only" Mustard

By Andy Anderson !
Well, Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner, and this year I am making four...
Mar 6, 2019

Kathy's Three Olive Tapenade

By Kathy W
Great spread for sandwiches. It is delicious served with wheat crackers, hummus, thinly sliced cucumbers, and...
Feb 15, 2019

DIY Essentials: Zesty Mayonnaise

By Andy Anderson !
A simple mayonnaise to make… and so tasty. I love this, because it does not have...
Feb 11, 2019

Italian Essentials: Tomato Bruschetta Topping

By Andy Anderson !
I love a good bruschetta topping. Place it on some diagonal slices of artisan bread, a...
Jan 14, 2019

Low-fat Garlic-Lemon Aioli

By Carolyn Haas
This makes a nice sandwich spread, especially for turkey. Also works well for a veggie dip....
Dec 31, 2018

Garlic & Herb Sweet And Savory Spread

By Kathy and Karen Sills
This is a delicious cracker spread that carries a big punch of flavor. It is...
Dec 27, 2018

Sauce Essentials: Spicy Burger Sauce

By Andy Anderson !
It is casual Thursday, and I threw this together for tonight’s dinner of burgers and fries....
Baking With Blueberries

Baking With Blueberries

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What To Do With Too Many Fresh Blueberries

What To Do With Too Many Fresh Blueberries

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16 No-Bake Dessert Ideas To Make This Summer

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