Healthy Spread Recipes

Jul 5, 2021

Greek Cucumber Yogurt Dip "Tzatziki"

By Maria *
Cool and creamy, this tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic is the perfect complement to grilled...
Nov 3, 2020


By Francine Lizotte
It’s definitely a delicious versatile condiment. This mushroom paste can be added to many different recipes...
Jun 17, 2020

Tzatziki Sauce

By Lou Kostura
a great sauce that goes on almost anything, veggies, meats, sandwiches, anyting you choose
Feb 19, 2020

Candi's Enchilada Sauce

By Candi Hummer
I'm more into flavor than I am fire! My folks can't eat the canned stuff (it...
Feb 1, 2020

Kalamata Olive Hummus

By Shawn A
Well, I've been wanting to make this for a long time and just kept forgetting to...
Jan 10, 2020

Spread Essentials: Sweet & Savory Tomato Jam II

By Andy Anderson !
This is not your average tomato jam. I thought I would kick it up a bit with...
Aug 7, 2019

Homemade Mayonnaise

By Francine Lizotte
Fresh is the best and by making your own, you'll appreciate how good mayonnaise can be...
Jan 7, 2018

Pico de Gallo

By Amber Franks
We eat pico de gallo with everything!!! From tacos to scrambled eggs, it adds so much...
Jun 19, 2017

Arugula Pesto

By Miles Stepniewski
I work at a bakery and they make a pesto very similar to this one. I...
Mar 14, 2017

Blackberry Cream Cheese Spread

By Olivia Russell
I love recipes that look fancy but really are simple. This blackberry cream cheese spread is...
Nov 1, 2016

Sauce Essentials: Yummy Parsley/Lemon/Dill Sauce

By Andy Anderson !
This is an excellent sauce to serve with most any type of fish, and it makes...
Nov 1, 2016

Restaurant Quality Smokey German Honey Mustard

By Family Favorites
This is not your average honey mustard! My husband loves this blend so much that he...
Oct 25, 2016

Taco Hummus

By Kimber Flory
I love hummus. But buying it in the store can get pricey. Especially when it is...
Sep 26, 2016

Holiday Harvest Cranberry Orange Pecan Spread

By Family Favorites
What a special treat this was with our bagels and coffee this morning! A perfect recipe...
Sep 28, 2015

Amish Peanut Butter Spread

By Family Favorites
An Amish favorite that is absolutely wonderful on homemade rolls, biscuits, bread, toast... anything that you...
Sep 1, 2015


By Ellen Bales
Well, friends here is another of my famous cut-and-paste recipes. Actually, I don't cut and paste--I...
Aug 16, 2015


By Ellen Bales
Saw this on Facebook and just HAD to copy it for my granddaughter. Every time we...
Jul 21, 2015


By Eddie Jordan
This is another one of my gluten free recipes. Please rate this recipe
Jul 12, 2015

Heart Healthy Blender Mayonnaise

By Susan Feliciano
Based on a recipe that came with my blender 30 years ago - this recipe uses...
Jun 25, 2015

Eggplant Tapenade

By George Levinthal
My mom used to make chopped eggplant with onion and pimento. We would spread it on...
May 24, 2015

Amy's Peanut Butter

By Amy Foran
We love this peanut butter at my house. For several years when I ate store...
Apr 13, 2015

All Natural Peanut Butter In 5 Minutes & Under $3

By Family Favorites
Last week in our group "Grandparent To Grandparent", we were discussing spending time in the kitchen...
Mar 13, 2015

Pecan-Almond Butter

By Daily Inspiration S
Toss the jar and make your own nut butter. : ) From Eating Well Magazine
Feb 28, 2015

Green Olive Tapenade

By Pat Duran
Another very simple and tasty dip or spread great with....
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