Rub Recipes

Carolina Bbq Rub

Carolina BBQ Rub

By Laura Geese
I made BBQ rub last night in just a few minutes. It is so EASY...
Barbecue Seasoning Mix


By Eddie Jordan
Sprinkle this garlic- flavored mix on meat or fish just before cooking.
Smoky Bbq Dry Rub

Smoky BBQ Dry Rub

By Pam Snyder
I got this recipe from a recent episode of Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala-Quinn. I'm adding...
Santa Maria Rub


By Bonnie .
Santa Maria is a small town on California's central coast, and it is famous for its...
Santa Fe Rub


By Bonnie .
This is a great seasoning or rub to use when mixing hamburgers, meat loaf and meatballs....
Prepared Bone-in Rib-eye Steak With Rub.

Rib-Eye Steak Rub

By Krystal Jordan
Found a bunch of rubs that had coffee as a main ingredient and eventually came up...
Mocha Spice Sugar Scrub!!

mocha spice sugar scrub!!

i found this on while looking for another recipe!!!
Ruby~red Marmalade

Ruby-Red Grapefruit Marmalade

By tawnis wohlers
Found this recipe in a library book. I like it and don't want to lose...
Awesome Steak, Lamb, Or Ahi Tuna Rub!

Bobby Flay's Dry Rub

By Zelda Hopkins
I seen Bobby Flay's on a show and he gave this dry rub. I use it...
Cocoa Rub

Cocoa Rub

By Gail Herbest
I found this rub on an other recipe site, I used it on boneless skinless chicken...
Sweet And Smoky Rub For Grilling

Sweet and smoky rub for grilling

By Stormy Stewart
This can be used on any meat you can grill.
Ruby Red Grapefruit Jelly


By Valerie Butler
I love making jellies. I love grapefruit and I thought, well why can't you make...
Aliño Preparado/ Seasoning Or Rub

Aliño Preparado/ Seasoning or Rub

By Colette Bowling
I first started using this in Venezuela and when we moved back to the U.S. I...

Pork Rub

By Zelda Hopkins
I got this from Bobby Flay's or Paula Deen's cooking show. I don't exactly remember which...
This Is With Just The Rub On The Wings....served It With Some Home Made Coleslaw.

Chipotle Chocolate Cinnamon Rub

By Irisa Raina 9
This is one of my basic rubs. If you only want to make some for one...
Free Clip Art From Uf

Rosemary Rub for Grilled Chicken

By Kathie Carr
A simple rub recipe I got from a friend.
Smoky Herb Rub

Smoky Herb Rub

By cathy tate
Tossing together simple ingredients you can create versatile rubs that are ideal for adding extra flavor...
Salty Sweet Dry Rub

Salty Sweet Dry Rub

By cathy tate
This rub works especially on pork.
Pepper Rub

Pepper Rub

By cathy tate
This rub works well with all types of beef.
Butcher's Rub

Butcher's Rub

By Marsha Gardner
Excellent Flavor! Perfect rub for chicken, turkey, pork and beef.
This Can Be Used On Almost Any Meat

Dry Rub

By Tracy Daddio
This goes so well with my BBQ sauce on beef or pork ribs... Lots of trial...
Brisket Done With Thea's Rub

Thea's Rub

By Jane Whittaker
I owe this one to my good friend Thea Pappalardo. She gave me this recipe...
Dry Rub For Any Meat

Dry Rub for any meat

By Melanie B
We normally use this dry rub on pork or brisket, but you could use it on...
Homemade Rub And Brine Mix

Josephine's Rib Rub

By Josephine Quick
can also be used, on pork butt, chicken,fish, steak

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