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Healthy-Start breakfast sammie

By Angie Robinson
I wanted to use a bit of my fresh tomatoes off the vine this morning. This...


By jamie Beecham
I love chicken livers and needed a Sammie made with them. I thought how good...

Bacon Pimento Cheese Sammie

By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
Growing up with a southern grandma, this was a lunch staple.

Healthy Lunch Meal Under 400 Calories

By Rose Mary Mogan
If you are looking for a healthy lunch idea this one might appeal to you. It was...

Noah's Cut-Out Sammies

By Kim Biegacki
This are super easy and festive appetizer for any event. Especially for the kids and to...

Italian Beef Broccoli Sammie

By Dee Stillwell
I bought everything to make French Dip Sammies. Sherri has a sandwich challenge going on in...

Summer loving Bacon Pimento Cheese Sammie

By Lynn Socko
I make the pimento cheese spread from scratch, fry the squash fresh. This is a...


By jamie Beecham
Picked fresh squash from my garden and fresh herbs.. Needed this inspiration for a sammie challange....

Sweet Heat and Country Ham Mini Sammies

By Millie Johnson
These little biscuit sandwiches are a prefect finger food at any gathering . I love them...

Cornbeef and Cabbage Sammie - the Best!

By Dana Ramsey
Love my crockpot but especially love a good meal to come home to and this cornbeef...

Deli Roast Beef Ninja Style & French Dip Sammie

By Diane Atherton
Why pay big bucks for deli-style meats when you can make your own! That's what...
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