#Salt Recipes Quick & Easy

Grilled Pork Chops

By Amy Herald
I love grilling meats in the summer time, or in the winter time for that matter....


By Lynne Hawkins
I got tired of having to use three different seasonings, so I combined them into one...

Fire Roasted Tomatoes

I am not a tomato person , but my boyfriend love this dish. He have tomatos...


By Brandy Bender
These Are So GOOD!!!!

Alton Brown's Next Day Mac and Cheese "Toast"

By Brandy Bender
How could you not wanna try this out???? YUM!

Preserved Lemons

By Sherri Williams
I make preserved lemons a few times a year. They are so versatile. I've...

Rock Salt Potatoes

We got this recipe from a friend and used it when we went camping once...Now we...

Fresh Harvest Tomatoes and Green Chile Soup

By Tina Riche
Favorite Family Harvest recipe. When all the tomatoes and green chile is ready.. Great for...

Grouper Captiva

By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
We used to have a condo in Ft. Myers Beach, FLA - right across the street...

Soft Pretzels

By Zelda Hopkins
Everybody loves those big soft pretzels, why don't you make them at home. Its this easy....

My Favorite Zucchini Bread Paula Deen Style

By Cindy Shover
Recipe courtesy Paula Deen http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/zucchini-bread-recipe/index.html

Ole Time Mayonnaise Mashed/Cream Potatoes

By Betty Graves
My mayonnaise mashed potatoes has been around for two generations, I got this from my Aunt...

French Bread Braids

By Lisa Johnson
My family and friends loves my bread and I love to make and bake breads and...

Lisa's Cheesy Garlic Grits

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves my grits and I make them for breakfast and it is so easy...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves Reese Cups and me too. I make them for holidays. It is so...

Calico Beans

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves it and they loves any kind of beans. I make them when we...

Lisa's Corn Fritters

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves it and it is so easy to fix it and they are real...

Ice-Cream Cone Cakes

By Lisa Johnson
My kids and other kids loves it and I make them for the summer time and...

Oven Barbecue Chicken

By Lisa Johnson
We love bbq chicken and it smells so good when you cook them in the oven....

Lisa's Cheese Sauce

By Lisa Johnson
We love cheese and I put the cheese sauce on broccoli, nachos, macaroni and etc. It...

Brownie Pie A La Mode

By Lisa Johnson
This is my favorite pie and I love it. I make them for desserts for our...

Mojito Bars

By Lisa Johnson
My family and friends loves my mojito bars and I make them for the parties and...

Orange Muffins

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves my muffins and I can make any flavor of muffins and it is...
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Easy Menu for July 4th

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15 Recipes for a Scaled Back Fourth of July Barbecue

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