#Salsa Recipes

Easy Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

Easy Chicken Taco Soup

By Gretchen ***
This soup tastes so good it's hard to believe it's low in fat and calories!
Chili Stroganoff Recipe

Chili Stroganoff

By Lillian Russo
I found this recipe on the web but I tweaked it so much that it became...
Chicken Ole' Recipe

Chicken Ole'

By Shirley Turnbough
My niece Debbie gave me this recipe and I love it.
As You Like It Peppery Quesadilla Recipe

As You Like It Peppery Quesadilla

By Lois Miller
Inspired by our love of Mexican cuisine - and quick and easy snacks.
Ranchero Layer Dip Recipe

Ranchero Layer Dip

By Melissa Snow
One neighbor refers to this dip as the "everything but the kitchen sink dip." You...
Corn Salsa Recipe

Corn Salsa

By Helene Mulvihill
A Big hit for parties and a nice change from tomato salsa. Got this recipe from...
Kitty's Salsa Chicken Bake Recipe

Kitty's Salsa Chicken Bake

By Katrina Freed
Simple, fast, and Delicious! This is such a favorite at our house my husband requests...
Cin Made Banana Salsa Bread Recipe

Cin made "Banana Salsa Bread"

By Straws Kitchen
Not my recipe...someone sent it to me and no one would try it...they said it sounded...
Yo Turkey! Notch-o Lasagna Recipe

Yo Turkey! Notch-O Lasagna

By Kellie Parker
My husband decided to cook tonight and made this Mexican lasagna .. hope you all enjoy...
Speedy Salsa Recipe

Speedy Salsa

By Dana Moore AKA: Southern Gals Cook
I love fresh cilantro, so I created this salsa recipe and it has been a big...
Pan Seared Tilapia With Spicy Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Pan Seared Tilapia with Spicy Pineapple Salsa

By Monika Rosales
I came up with this recipe, because my family loves tilapia and the fish can be...
Tuscan Chicken Bruschetta With Lime Olive Salsa Recipe

Tuscan Chicken Bruschetta with Lime Olive Salsa

By Kathy Sills
This chicken Bruschetta is perfect for a light meal or an elegant shower!
Cucumber Mango Salsa Recipe

Cucumber Mango Salsa

By Noel Perry
This is my own concoction tweaked from a number of recipes featured in Sunset Magazine. ...
Super Duper Easy Fried Ravioli - Yum! Recipe

Super Duper Easy Fried Ravioli - Yum!

By Dana Ramsey
Each year my husband and I host a Christmas Eve Party for friends and family and...
Potato Nachos Recipe

Potato Nachos

By Eddie Szczerba
A favorite for the super bowl party!!
Karen's Roll-ups Recipe

Karen's Roll-Ups

By Lori Borgmann
My mom, Karen, made these one Christmas. Oh my goodness, they were sooooo good! ...
Avocado Feta Salsa Recipe

Avocado Feta Salsa

By Sarah Farrand
This salsa has become a family favorite, with the richness of avocado, and the bright tangy...
Black Bean And Corn Salsa Recipe

Black bean and corn salsa

By Lorie Mason
Tired of the same old salsa and decided to change it up a bit.
Cheesy Hamburger Mac Recipe

Cheesy Hamburger Mac

By Chris Newsom
This is simple to make and a little spicy. Quick meal after a busy day
Mexican Garbage Can Or Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Mexican Garbage Can or Mexican Lasagna

By Terry Brooks
A friend introduced me to this recipe about 20 years ago. Now I make it...
Pineapple Salsa Chicken From Out Of The Box Recipe

Pineapple Salsa Chicken from Out of the Box

This was an easy to make meal. Everyone loved it.
Grecian White Omelet Recipe

Grecian White Omelet

An egg white omelet stuffed with ground beef and feta cheese. From dLife.
Black Bean And Corn Salsa Recipe

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

By Cindy Puga
This is a great salsa to serve and so easy to make - It will serve...
Red Bean & Corn Salsa Recipe

Red Bean & Corn Salsa

By Donna Graffagnino
Not being a fan of store bought salsas I prefer to make my own. This was...