Kids, Festive, Fun Grilled Cheese sandwiches

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By Mary Lee
from N/W, IN

These grilled cheese sandwiches are fun and easy to make for any holiday, any time of the year. Treat the "little ones" with these cuties along with a nice warm cup of soup or side salad. Use any cookie cutter of your choice that will fit according the size of bread being used. If cutters are small enough you can get 2 cut outs per sandwich "or" save the ends for the adults. Great for sleep overs !!!

serves 1-2 per sandwich , depending on size of cutter and bread,
prep time 5 Min
cook time 5 Min
method Griddle


  • make grilled cheese sandwich / sandwiches
  • according to the type of bread and
  • cheese of your choice. when done remove from pan,
  • let set for 1 minute on plate. press
  • cookie cutter into sandwich. pull away leftover
  • sandwich 'for adults'. serve with warm cup of
  • soup or side salad.
  • optional: sprinkled crumbled bacon over cheese.

How To Make

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    Enjoy !! Note: You can get 2 cut outs per sandwich if using a smaller size cookie cutter or larger slices of bread. Make these cuties for any occasion. Children like anything fun !! Suggestion: sprinkle crumbled precooked bacon over cheese before grilling .. if you favor grilled cheese and bacon sandwich.