#Rye Bread Recipes

White Borscht - Polish Easter Soup - Bialy Barszcz Recipe

White Borscht - Polish Easter Soup - Bialy Barszcz

By Kim Biegacki
Finally got the 2nd soup from the Polish class added. Chef Tad picked an awesome recipe...
Portabella Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Portabella Reuben Sandwich

By Kathy W
This is my version of a portabella reuben. It's quick and easy. Serve with dill pickle...
What Time Is Is? Sillysammietime Recipe

What time is is? SillySammieTime

By Irisa Raina 9
This is just one of those “hmmmm” what can I make that is good and quick...
Rye Bread With Caraway And Peanut Brittle Recipe

Rye Bread with Caraway and Peanut Brittle

By Janice Joy Miller
My daughter, Seane Marie, is quite the successful young business woman. Like me, she has a...
Honey Molasses Light Rye Bread For A Kitchenaid Recipe

Honey Molasses Light Rye Bread For A KitchenAid

By Family Favorites
This is a wonderful recipe for an everyday rye sandwich bread. The crumb is perfect. It's...
Crispy Corned Beef Melts Recipe

Crispy Corned Beef Melts

By Amy Herald
You can make this a Reuben sandwich with sour kraut, but I'm not a fan of...
No Knead Rye Bread Recipe

No Knead Rye Bread

By Maggie ^O^
This is the easiest ever bread to make. It has wonderful flavor and the best...
Open-faced Havarti Sandwiches Recipe

Open-faced Havarti Sandwiches

By Carolyn Haas
Northern Europeans enjoy open-faced sandwiches at tea-time or Abendbrot, as they say in Germany. Havarti matches...