#Risotto Recipes

Easy Parmesan Risotto Recipe

Easy Parmesan Risotto

By Sheryl Faulkner
Don't let the word risotto scare you - this is made in the oven and is...
German Risotto Recipe

German Risotto

By Monica H
Celebrate Oktoberfest! This is a nice risotto with German sausage, beer, commonly used German spices...
Porcini And Parmesan Risotto Recipe

Porcini and Parmesan Risotto

By cassie thornburg
I've never made risotto, and usually don't order it when I'm in a restaurant because I...
Mexican Fiesta Risotto Recipe

Mexican Fiesta Risotto

By Lindsay V
A fiesta...for your taste buds.
Farro Risotto With Squash, Cranberries And Pecans Recipe

Farro Risotto with Squash, Cranberries and Pecans

By Darci Juris
I am a big fan of risotto, but had to try it my own way, using...
Easy Sundried Tomato And Bacon Risotto Recipe

Easy Sundried Tomato and Bacon Risotto

By Kelli Thomas
This risotto is so easy and only requires ladling the chicken broth once. It's still super...
Easy Baked Risotto Recipe

Easy Baked Risotto

By Cathy LaFay
This is from a Weight Watchers Special Edition Magazine 2006
Mary's Risotto Recipe

Mary's Risotto

By Bonnie Beck
My neighbor up on my mountain, Mary, use to make her wonderful northern Italian Rosotto. ...
Oven Risotto Recipe

Oven Risotto

By Dawn OKelley
Saw this on TV years ago and it is an easy recipe for perfect risotto without...
Risotto With Gorgonzola, Pear And Walnuts Recipe

Risotto with Gorgonzola, pear and walnuts

By Pierre Ley
Typical of Northern Italy, risotto is a great all-times classic. This rather exotic, but still traditional,...
Easy Risotto Recipe

Easy Risotto

By Tammy T
I love risotto and have not made it before so I am adding this simple recipe...
Nonna's Risotto Milanese Recipe

Nonna's Risotto Milanese

By carrie bashak
The first time I tasted this, I was in my Grandma's kitchen in Italy. I was...
Red & White Quinoa Risotto Recipe

Red & White Quinoa Risotto

By Dee Stillwell
I have been using quinoa for several years now. I am always looking for, or creating...
Chicken And Kale Risotto Recipe

Chicken and Kale Risotto

By Jessica Dayon
This recipe is from Tyler Florence's Start Fresh cookbook. The first time I made it,...
Leek And Pea Risotto Recipe

Leek and Pea Risotto

By Melanie Campbell
I make this dish every summer when we have BBQ's or as a side dish to...
Crab And Asparagus Risotto Recipe

Crab and Asparagus Risotto

By Jennifer J
I love Risotto. I played around with this recipe until I found what I feel to...
Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

Pumpkin Risotto

By Carol White
I love Italian cuisine, and one of my favorite dishes is risotto. A good risotto can...
Savory Strawberry Risotto Recipe

Savory Strawberry Risotto

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
Don't get this twisted! This isn't a rice pudding, and it's not made to be a...
Risotto Rice (how To Make) Recipe

Risotto Rice (How to Make)

By jPaul Gaskill
http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Risotto-Rice risotto rice = Piedmont rice This plump white rice can absorb...
Arancini Di Riso Allo Zaffreano Recipe

Arancini Di Riso Allo Zaffreano

By Jim Frigyes
We used to have these any time there was leftover rice or risotto. Sometimes as...
Microwave Asparagus And Lemon Risotto Recipe

Microwave Asparagus and Lemon Risotto

By Lynette !
For the first year of college, my kids only had a microwave to cook with. ...
~ Risotto ~ Creamy & Flavorful Recipe

~ Risotto ~ Creamy & Flavorful

By Cassie *
Tired of the same old sides for dinner? Try this delicious Risotto for something different. The...
Risotto With Gorgonzola & Pear Mustard Recipe

Risotto with Gorgonzola & Pear Mustard

By Alma Beatrice
Have you tried this sweet and savoury Risotto with Gorgonzola & Pear Mustard recipe? Make and...
Liquorice, Saffron & Pistachio Risotto Recipe

Liquorice, Saffron & Pistachio Risotto

By Alma Beatrice
We love this unusual risotto recipe packed with interesting flavours, it's pretty quick and easy to...