#Rich Recipes

Limoncello Creme Cake Recipe

Limoncello Creme Cake

By Kathleen Hagood
We love eating lemon creme cake at our favorite Italian restaurants although each restaurant's version is...
Flourless Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Brownies

By Kim Biegacki
I've slowly been starting to convert recipes & make new recipes without flour as I...
Cheese-potato Casserole Recipe

Cheese-Potato Casserole

By Beth M.
This is from "Tastes of Cottage City From Near and Far", Library Friends of Oak Bluffs...
Preacher Cake Recipe


By Susan J Swanson
*My Dad (Edward Kielpikowski) loved to make this cake for company, potlucks, and for just...
Sour Cream Coffee Cake -my Favorite! Recipe

Sour Cream Coffee Cake -My Favorite!

By Beth M.
For many years this has been one of my favorite coffee cakes. Because it is made...
Kool-aid Pie Recipe

Kool-Aid Pie

By Rashonda Gordon
The kids love it. I think it's the color of the pie. But, i shall say...
Devil's Food Quick'n Easy - Super Moist - Aunt Virginia Used To Make Recipe

Devil's Food Quick'n Easy - Super Moist - Aunt Virginia Used to...

By Linda McCormick
As a child my favorite Aunt Virginia was known for this fudge-like rich and moist devil's...
Red Velvet Cake Balls Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Balls

By Lori Fleming
A coworker's wife made these for a Christmas party at work a couple of years ago....
Flourless Chocolate Cake (sugar And Gluten Free) Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cake (Sugar and Gluten Free)

By Jo Zimny
I think this is amongst my favourites. It's so rich and dense a tiny piece...
Wall To Wall Chocolate Cake Recipe

Wall to Wall Chocolate Cake

By Amy Scotti
I'm a chocoholic! This cake satisfies my chocolate cravings! With a scoop of ice cream...
Caramel Banana Buttermilk Bread Recipe

Caramel Banana Buttermilk Bread

By Rita Cook
The caramel and buttermilk make this a melt in your mouth treat. Your husband or...
Peanut Butter Meltaway Cake Recipe


By Yvonne Sones
This is to die for cake!!! I have made it plenty of times and every one...
Old Fashion Chocolate Mayo Cake Recipe

Old Fashion Chocolate Mayo Cake

By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
This a very moist, chocolate,rich goodness. I adopted this recipe from Barbara McNeil of NW...
Sweet Potato Casserole With Streusel Topping Recipe

Sweet Potato Casserole with Streusel Topping

By Annette W.
Big hit for all you sweet potato lovers out there. Even if you don't love sweet...
Toasted Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Toasted Coconut Tres Leches Cake

By Carrie Halliday
I have tried many Tres Leche cakes and didn't understand the hype on them...until I tried...
Pumpkin Pie Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Cake

By Denise Miles
We had this Pumpkin Dessert when we were growing at Thanksgiving time! Delicious & very...
Peanut Butter Bars-annette's Recipe

Peanut Butter Bars-Annette's

By Annette W.
If you have a sweet tooth that needs fixed, this is just the thing for you....
Pie Crust - Joyce's Recipe

Pie Crust - Joyce's Recipe

By Beth M.
This pie crust recipe in my mom's scribble was among hundreds of recipe cards and clippings...
Butterscotch Sauce - Mmmgood! Paul Said Recipe

Butterscotch Sauce - MmmGood! Paul said

By Beth M.
A recipe from the old file box in a friend's handwriting, given to my mom. ...
Icebox Cake - A Childhood Favorite Recipe

Icebox Cake - A Childhood Favorite

By Beth M.
This is such a very simple recipe which I remember my mom making when I was...
Marshmallow Krispie Brownies Recipe

Marshmallow Krispie Brownies

By Leila Rockwell
A recipe from the Eagles magazine. Rich and delicious. Hope you like it.
Decadent Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Decadent Chocolate Cookies

By Diane M.
Ok... So, sometimes a person just needs chocolate. When that happens, I go to this, my...
Coconut Cream Candy Recipe


Got this recipe from my aunt and just tried it to put on my candy tray...
Dark Chocolate Rum Truffles Recipe

Dark Chocolate Rum Truffles

By Diane Audette
I always make these around the holidays and everyone loves them, especially my co-workers! They look...