#Relish Recipes

Corn & Black Bean Relish Recipe

Corn & Black Bean Relish

By Jeanne Benavidez
A lot of my friends who like my chow-chow, piccalilli and end-of-garden pickles seem to request...
Jeanne’s Chow-chow Recipe

Jeanne’s Chow-Chow

By Jeanne Benavidez
I get requests for this very often. It is a little time consuming but it is...
Sweet Chow Chow Recipe

Sweet Chow Chow

By Kim Biegacki
If you want to make your own Chow Chow here is one yummy sounding version....
Hidden Valley Dip Mix(not The Crappy Kind They Sell At The Store!) Recipe

Hidden Valley dip mix(Not the crappy kind they sell at the...

By Patti Martin
Make a double batch of this stuff because it goes QUICK!!!! BTW, that's not the image...
Mom's Homemade Sweet Hot Dog Relish Recipe


By Jan W
Title says hot dog relish, but we use it on anything and in alot of recipes...
Sweet Cucumber Relish For Canning Recipe

Sweet Cucumber Relish for Canning

By Stormy Stewart
This recipe take time but is very food. Serve anywhere you would serve regular relish
Chow-chow - Green Tomato Relish Or Piccalilli Recipe

Chow-Chow - Green Tomato Relish or Piccalilli

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
I'm posting this cause someone said they needed a recipe for it and since I had...
Green Tomato Relish - Mom's Best (piccalilli) Recipe

Green Tomato Relish - Mom's Best (Piccalilli)

By Linda McCormick
My mother's house was the only place I could find a jar handy of this tastefully...
Garden Chow Chow Recipe

Garden Chow Chow

By Dorene Nagy
My Daddy used to bring home a jar of this from work every summer after garden...
My Cucumber Relish Canned By Freda Recipe

My Cucumber Relish canned By Freda

Homemade & Better than Store bought relish. Use on hot dogs Hamburgers or in Salads just as...
Zucchini Barbecue Relish Recipe

Zucchini Barbecue Relish

By tawnis wohlers
Another delicious way to use your garden zucchini.
Sunny Zuchinni Relish Recipe

Sunny Zuchinni Relish

By Diane M.
When the zukes come on, there's no stopping them! I only planted 2 plants this year,...
Cranberry Orange Relish In Cherry Jell-o Recipe

Cranberry Orange Relish in Cherry Jell-O

By Julia Ferguson
A fruity blend of cranberries, oranges and sugar (a good substitute for the Indian Trails Cranberry...
Orange Pineapple Cran-relish Recipe

Orange Pineapple Cran-Relish

Wake up your palate to this wonderful holiday treat. A welcome addition on any holiday table.
Cranberry Relish Recipe

Cranberry Relish

By Dorene Nagy
I always look forward to Thanksgiving dinner every year because of all the special recipes you...
Judy's Simple Tuna Salad Recipe

Judy's Simple Tuna Salad

By Julia Ferguson
My husband does not like a lot of ingredients in his tuna salad, so I came...
Mom's Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish Recipe

Mom's Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish

By Robyn Bruce
This is one of my mom's age old recipes. It was always on our holiday table....
Chow-chow (green Tomato Relish) Recipe

Chow-chow (green tomato relish)

By Christine Mel
Chow chow is a wonderful relish to put in potato salad, on sandwiches or hamburgers. ...
Corn Relish Recipe

Corn Relish

By Beverly Dunlap
This is a child hood favorite. Aunt Alvina made it every year and I begged Many...
Doggies 'n Crescents Recipe

Doggies 'N Crescents

By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
You can never have to many finger foods. My nephew loves this recipes cause it has...
Piccalilli Or Green Tomato Relish Recipe

Piccalilli or Green Tomato Relish

By Pam Ellingson
With the heat this summer our tomato plants quit producing anything, but we left them to...
Spicy Zucchinni Relish Recipe

Spicy Zucchinni Relish

By cin Rafter
This one was just to use up excess zucchinni (everyone has this issue I am sure)....
Brandied Cranberries Recipe

Brandied Cranberries

By Lisa Edwards
Delicious for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Even people who don't like cranberry sauce love this dish....
Green Noodles.. Candelight's Famous Relish  Dish Recipe

GREEN NOODLES.. Candelight's famous RELISH DISH

By Nancy J. Patrykus
This Chicago Restaurant of 55th St is now closed. It was famous for good food for...