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    Chile Colorado

    By michelle pitts
    This is a meat chile It has a nice spicy, smoky flavor. You can serve it...

    Zucchini-Tomato Frittata

    By Doris Ware
    This Recipe Is From My Diabetic Cook Book And I Love Zucchini. I Have Type...

    Grilled 12 Grain French Bread, Sundried Tomatos, Onions, Peppers...

    By Colleen Sowa
    Say that title 3 times fast!!! This is dedicated to Sherri Logan and her group! Love...

    Applesauce Raisin Cookies

    By Tammy Greene
    My grandchildren love these in their lunches..if they last that long!! This recipe was originally tweaked...

    Grammy's Ham and Cheese Roll-ups

    By angie shuster
    These are a family and friends favorite! Whether you are going to a picnic, office...

    Kat's Smoked Chicken or Turkey Salad Italiano

    By Kathleen Hagood
    I invented this because I needed to do something with leftover smoked turkey from Christmas, and...

    Pam's Lox o' the Irish Sammich

    By Pam Ellingson
    Here is my Irish Flag sandwich for the St. Patrick's Day Sandwich Challenge. What is more...

    Hearty Wholesome chili

    By Lynn Socko
    Doesn't get much more authentic than this, a delicious bowl of goodness.

    Corn & Sausage Skillet Bake

    By Linda Stevens
    I acquired this recipe from a sister at church. It's a heart attack waiting to...

    Glazed Stout and Cheddar Meatloaf

    By Melissa Turner
    A delicious Irish dish for those of us who don't like Corned beef and cabbage on...
    10 Panini Ideas to up Your Sandwich Game

    10 Panini Ideas to up Your Sandwich Game

    How do you take a sandwich to the next level? Turn it into a panini! Originating in Italy, paninis were traditionally made by placing the filling onto two pieces of Italian bread and pressing the bread between a grill. Nowadays, though, the process of pressing the sandwich remains the same, but different types of bread are […]

    Flavor-Packed Chicken Dinners

    Flavor-Packed Chicken Dinners

    Say goodbye to basic chicken dinners and hello to flavor-packed ones. I always have chicken stashed in the freezer ready to thaw. With its neutral flavor, based on ingredients I have handy I can create a dish that satisfies my taste buds. “My husband loves spicy Asian dishes, so it wasn’t a surprise when a […]

    15 Recipes for Balsamic Lovers

    15 Recipes for Balsamic Lovers

    Balsamic vinegar doesn’t get the love and respect it deserves. Pairing perfectly with meats, fruits, veggies, or pasta, you can’t go wrong by adding balsamic vinegar to your meal. No matter if you choose to glaze, grill, drizzle, or douse, balsamic is there to boost your favorite recipe. With this in mind, let’s see how […]