#Red Potatoes Recipes


By BonniE !
This is a new recipe I created tonight by taking my Potato Onion Pie recipe, changing...

Pork Chop Skillet Dinner

By Joey Urey
Making this tonight with some left over pork tenderloins (dinner for two. I used items...


By Ellen Bales
For all you potato lovers, myself included, this simply has to be scrumptious! Bound to satisfy...

Cheesy/Spicy Smashed Red Potatoes

By Andy Anderson !
Here’s a quick way to spice up just about any dish: From fish, to beef, to...

Crab Delight Croissants... Plus a How To Video

By Andy Anderson !
Well, started going through my file cabinets, and came up with this oldie… When I was at...

Buttery Red Potatoes with Chives

By Elizabeth Lancaster
I love making jaw dropping side dishes to compliment my main course's. This red potato recipe...

Garlic & Cream Cheese Red Potatoes

By Stephanie Pass
These use olive oil instead of butter for a healthier approach.

Creamy Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes

By Cassie *
Red potatoes are my favorite. I use them more so than any other potato...I especially like...

Parmasean Italian potatos

By wendy cook
I threw this together one night to go with our marinated grilled asparagus and yummy steak....

Comforting Potato & Chorizo Skillet

By Cassie *
My husband enjoyed these potatoes tremendously...he did everything but lick his plate. Potatoes such as these,...

Parmesan Roasted Reds

By Fredia Dillard
Great potatoes, easy recipe, goes great with pork or chicken and lemon broccoli.

Mama Jean's Potato Salad from the Neely's

By Lynette !
This is from the Neelys on foodnetwork. This is a basic potato salad, one I've made...

Lemon Butter Pork Chops with Potatoes and Spinach

By Joyce Tyo
I love spinach and wanted to create a recipe that would use the spinach without wilting....

Easy Creamy Herbed Honey Gold or Baby Red Potatoes

By Family Favorites
What a wonderful and quick way to serve fresh garden potatoes! If you're looking for a...

Quick Seafood Stew

By Lynette !
If you aren't a fan of mussels or can't find them, use shrimp or littleneck clams....

Cold Weather Comfort Food: Chicken Stew

By Andy Anderson !
Chicken stew is another one of my tried & true comfort foods. And when the days...


By Lora DiGs
Five Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Five Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe and realize you need heavy cream, but you don’t have any handy? Instead of running to the store for one item, we’re sharing five substitutes for heavy cream. Made with ingredients you probably have in your fridge or pantry, these substitutes are great when in […]

10 Panini Ideas to up Your Sandwich Game

10 Panini Ideas to up Your Sandwich Game

How do you take a sandwich to the next level? Turn it into a panini! Originating in Italy, paninis were traditionally made by placing the filling onto two pieces of Italian bread and pressing the bread between a grill. Nowadays, though, the process of pressing the sandwich remains the same, but different types of bread are […]

18 Side Dish Recipe Ideas

18 Side Dish Recipe Ideas

Stumped what to make to complete tonight’s meal? Brainstorming dinner ideas is hard enough; however, we’re here to help. These side dishes are perfect to pair with your main dish. Asparagus, potatoes, corn, and more are prepared in a variety of ways that your family will love. Loaded with flavor and easy to make, these […]