#Rabbit Recipes

Busy Day Brunswick Stew (crock Pot)

Busy Day Brunswick Stew (Crock Pot)

By Susan Feliciano
Brunswick stew was a specialty of my father's, and his recipe was his mother's which dated...
Fried Field Rabbit Before Thanksgiving Day Dinner!

FRIED FIELD RABBIT before Thanksgiving Day Dinner!

By Nancy J. Patrykus
Every Thanksgiving starting in 1948, we would gather at The Curls Family Farm in Indiana. Grandma Nellie...
Rabbit Fricassee With Dumplings

Rabbit Fricassee with Dumplings

By Susan Feliciano
This recipe came from my grandmother, via one of my aunts. I'll admit, I use chicken...
Rabbit W/ Delicious Sauce

Rabbit W/ Delicious Sauce

By Martha Price
When I was a child my Uncle Dee used to raise rabbits for sale. Someone gave...
Kentucky Fried Rabbit (buttermilk Marinated)

Kentucky Fried Rabbit (buttermilk marinated)

By Melissa Turner
Had never had rabbit before, but after watching my cooking shows and seeing them use rabbit...
Parisian Dill Dijon (whole) Rabbit

Parisian Dill Dijon (whole) Rabbit

By Tiffany Bannworth
Being of French and Italian descent, we enjoy rabbit with a little more regularity than your...
Rabbit Withdates & Apricots Gratinéed W/emmantaler

Rabbit withDates & Apricots Gratinéed w/Emmantaler

By Lori Loucas
This is a French Canadian recipe that makes great use of game meats and one of...
Love Potion Chicken Brine

Love Potion Chicken Brine

By Gina Davis
This is the only way to make chicken (Fried, Baked or Grilled) I do this...