#Queso Recipes

Nontraditional Chicken Empanadas With Heirloom Tomato Ranchero

Nontraditional Chicken Empanadas with Heirloom Tomato Ranchero

By Maggie May Schill
I had gotten a craving for Mexican recently. I must of had Mexican food in some...
Steak Um And Cheese Roll

Easy Cheesey Steak um Roll

By Marie Gunkel
I tried the Steak um and the white Velveeta cheese. Then decided it may taste great...
Texas!!! Dip!!!


By MiMi Marshall
Sometimes we just have this for lunch with tortilla chips or fresh veggies. You can vary...
This So Good,you're Gonna Kiss Your Mamacita !!!

Salpicon de Res Recipe/ Shredded Beef Salad

By marty olguin
Popular throughout Central America & Mexico, Salpicón is a refreshing salad that is great as a...
Barbeque, Chicken And Cheese, Oh My!

Barbeque Chicken Nachos

By cheryl lundquist
It works on a pizza so why not on nachos? Chicken and barbeque and cheesy queso...
Rockin' Debbie's Baked Potato

Rockin' Debbie's Baked Potato

By Deborah Garza
A different baked potato dish that I created and wanted to share. My friends and family...
Queso Dip, Gooey Spicy Yumminess

Queso Dip, Gooey Spicy Yumminess

By Monica Keleher
I love cheese, and love Mexican food. There is a restaurant a long drive from our...
Poblano Queso Corn Fritters

Poblano Queso Corn Fritters

By Cari Butler
I was gifted a box of corn poblano medallions once. They were soooo good, but I...
Poblano Queso Corn Fritters

The Greatest Queso

By Kelly Kennedy
A great change to the traditional Rotel dip and makes it so much more yummier! ...
Me And My Niece Gabbys Creation Blending 2 Things Together Make It Awesome...

Cheesy Quesadilla Chicken Nacho Pizza

By Tiffany Young
This is an awesome mix up turns out great and add a dab of sour cream...
Chicken Beer Queso Soup

Chicken Beer Queso Soup

By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
I love Queso Dip (Ro*tel & Velveeta)! And I love Beer Cheese Soup! But I wanted...
Finished Queso

Upstate Leftover Chicken Queso

By Brad Webb
A simple way to put leftover or pre-cooked chicken (Costco's rotisserie meat works great) or turkey...