#Prunes Recipes

Eastern Mediterranean Pot Roast

Eastern Mediterranean Pot Roast

By Angela Gray
The beef comes out so good and tender in this easy recipe.
Prune And Caraway Ice Cream

Prune and Caraway Ice Cream

By Robin DuPree
The other members must be on the same wavelength as myself because I was thinking about...
Pruneaux Avec De La Crème Orange

Pruneaux avec de la Crème Orange

By Pam Ellingson
This is a recipe for us OLD TIMERS. I just thought it would be nice to...
Russian Winter Stew

Russian Winter Stew

By Kim Biegacki
The first & last time I ever had dried plums in a stew was when I...
My Prune Cake

My Prune Cake

By misty mosley
this is a recipe i created while making a spice cake and i decided to try...
Aye Aye Apple Rum Pie

Aye Aye Apple Rum Pie

By Theresa K
September 19th is the official talk like a pirate day. I created this pie today...
County Fair Chocolate Cake

County Fair Chocolate Cake

By Carolyn Parke
I got this recipe a few years back and it has turned out to be exactly...
Internet Picture -- Sans The Walnut Pressed In -- This Recipe Also Has Some Other Ingredients But This Is Basically How They Look

Sugar Plums

By Marcia McCance
"While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!" Here is the recipe!! My Mother loved these...
Hunters Stew (polish)

Hunters Stew (Polish)

By Kim Biegacki
I went to a Polish soup class this past Sunday and were they ever authentic recipes....
Prune Delicacies

Prune Delicacies

By Susan Cutler
I love prunes! Stuffing them with nuts and ginger are wonderful but also stuffing them with...
From Instagram: Plum Spice Cookie/biscuit Http://instagram.com/p/dn07mnqv13/

Soft Plum Spice Cookie/Biscuit

By Areatha Daniels
The first time I ever made a Prune cake, My family thought I had lost my...
This Is A Very Simple Quick Bread That Is Bursting With Flavor. Pop In In The Oven A Couple Of Hours Before Your Meal And You'll Be Good To Go.

Stout Beer Bread with Pecan and Prune

By Garrison Wayne
I love to cook with beer. It lends a dimension of flavor with such ease and...