#Protein Recipes

Power Smoothie

By Amy Engdahl
This is packed full of fiber and protein...and it's delicious.

Coffee Protein Breakfast Drink

By Donna Thiemann
This was adapted from the coffee mate web site. I often fix my crumb cake for...

Chocolate "Muscle" Muffins

By Jessica Baker
A great quick breakfast/snack for some good carbs/energy or for a pre-workout 'meal'. This recipe makes 12...

Turkey Pita Sandwiches with Hummus and Guacamole

By Lillian Patterson
You won't miss the mayo or cheese with this tasty recipe! Tahini in hummus seems...

Power Protein Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

By Viktoria Bri
This is my favorite smoothie! Packed full of protein, fruit, and pro-biotics for energy and good...

Home Made Protein Bars

By Kimberly Kolligs
Taste like a granola bar - but it's a great source of protein! I like'em! :-)...

Berry'ana Power Smoothie

By Barbara Kavorkian
I love smoothies! What a great way to get in your fruits for the day...

Cran' Orange Power Breakfast Smoothie

By Barbara Kavorkian
This is a great drink that can get you right through the morning. I just...

Blueberry Orange Breakfast Protein Smoothie

By Barbara Kavorkian
This smoothie is so wonderful and filling. Normally I would add oatmeal to this to...

Banana Worm Bread

By donna morales
Recipe for my new group strange but interesting facts and recipes. Feel free to join and...

Virtually Guilt Free Chocolate Bar

By Kay Jenkins
I got the basic Chocolate Delight recipe when I did the HCG Diet. This was allowed...

Vanilla Protein Cheesecake w/ Flax Berry Crust

By Amber Whetstone
*All Natural 180 Cal 7g Fat (1g sat) 10g Carb (5g active; non-fiber) 3g Sugar 20g Protein

Protein Bars

By Kelli Thomas
These protein bars are a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast. They are also jam packed with...


By BonniE !
I created this recipe for breakfast one morning. It may be a simple recipe, but...


By BonniE !
I just love this recipe for granola. It is chocked full of healthy nuts and seeds,...


By Ellen Bales
Start this in the slow cooker before heading out to work and come home on a...

Coco Green Smoothie Supreme

By Charlotte Shannon
A Great Smoothie That Satisfies That Need For Chocolate in A Healthy Way.


By Ellen Bales
This is the good ol' meat loaf I grew up with. I didn't think there was...


By BonniE !
I hope you enjoy my Honey Bunches of Nuts dry breakfast cereal. This is a...


By Ellen Bales
Who doesn't like egg salad? To me, if given the choice between egg salad and chicken...


By Ellen Bales
A good breakfast for the vegetarian or to have during Lent. Even without meat it's still...


By Ellen Bales
A high protein dish that is chock-full of herbs and veggies, sure to warm the heart...

Deutsch Bohnensuppe

By Ellen Bales
Otherwise know as German Bean Soup, this soup is so easy and so hearty. It would...

A Savory Tea

By la Davis
I am a one woman show with great ideas to share at "Just a Pinch Kitchen"....
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