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Preparing Chili Peppers - Hatch, Anaheim, Poblano

By Nancy Lopez
This recipe comes from a little booklet of authentic Mexican Recipes of Lilia Bonilla Escajeda who...

How to Prepare Edible Flowers with Fine Sugar

By JoSele Swopes
Edible flowers will be marked as edible by supplier. Edible flowers make beautiful accents to cakes cup...

How to prepare fresh coconut

By Karla Everett
My Grandma taught me how to prepare a fresh coconut and thought this might be useful...

How to: Prepare & Color Royal Icing for Decorating

By Jenni K
Royal Icing can be used for decorating cookies with a lot of detail. This method is found...

Prepared to be Amazed Moist Pumpkin Bread!

By Denise Miles
Presto! It's my Family & Friends Favorite! There's a trick to making this moist..

SUNDAY BEST-ROAST CHICKEN-prepare the nite before

By Nancy J. Patrykus

Dobie Mix for baking (prepare pans for baking)

By Joyce Kelley
I've been using this mixture to prepare my baking pans for years. I had found it...

Anti-Flu Preparation

By Catherine Thompson Floyd
This recipe has been a blessing for many people in my life for many years. ...
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