#Powdered Recipes

German Chocolate Crater Cake

By Sheila McKay
This cake is sooo ooey gooey delicious. It was passed down from my great Aunt Ermadine....

Jimmie Saylor's Cake

By Brenda Stapleton
This comes from my husband Joe's family years ago. His mom has a good friend who...

Pumpkin Raisin Bars Oh So Good ~~~~~

By Carol Junkins
Sun-maid raisins recipe ! So good and healthy for ya too. Perfect for this time of...

Homemade Marshmallows

By Jessica Schwausch Lunsford
These are SO much better than store bought. It might be a little work, but it's...

Chocolate Cherry Cream Filled Log

By Zelda Hopkins
This is from a Hershey chocolate cookbook. I thought it looked delicious. I have not tried...

Carmel Frosting

By Leialoha Garber
I got this recipe from a friend of mine who was Amish. I didn't think...

The Old Fashion Potato Candy

By Leila Rockwell
My mother used to make this for us in the middle 1900's and to us it...

Bourbon Pork Tenderloin

By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
This is something different. Most recipes are savory....this is a little sweet but oh so...

The Ultimate Decadent Ding Dong Cake

By Becky Hudgins
This cake recipe was given to me using a boxed mix.I decided to take the cake...

Confectioner's Sugar Icing

By Naomi Skinner
Delicious, easy icing for cookies or cakes!

Butter Ball Cookies

By mary Armstrong
Also called powdered sugar cookies. These are excellent! Make these at Christmas for sure! For a...

Best Banana Cake

By Sarah Farrand
This simple, delicious banana cake is super moist, full of rich flavor, and when topped with...

Toffee Bits and Cookie Dough Dip

By Missy Wimpelberg
I got this recipe from my neighbor. She made this for Bunko the other night...

Chocolate Crinkles

By Audra LeNormand
These are a Christmas favorite with my nieces & nephew. They all have my recipe but...


By Whitney Froehlich
By no means am I a fudge maker. I just can't help but share this recipe....

Russian Tea Balls

By Terry Brooks
My mom has been making these for Christmas ever since I can remember! It's just...

Pineapple and Rice Pudding (abt. 1935)

By Marcia McCance
This is another little find that was just sitting in my mother's notebook waiting to be...

A Savory Tea

By la Davis
I am a one woman show with great ideas to share at "Just a Pinch Kitchen"....

Devil Food Cookies - Connie's

By Connie Ottman
These cookies come out with just a bit of cake like consistency. Add some mini...


By Whitney Froehlich
I've recently been taking Wilton cake decorating classes and when taking the frosting class they actually...

Gooey Butter Bars

By Mary Hutchinson
If anyone has ever had a Neium Marcus Butter Bar then you will love this recipe....
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