#Popcorn Recipes

Marshmallow Peppermint Popcorn Recipe

Marshmallow Peppermint Popcorn

By Leah Stacey
I got this recipe from good friend of mine. This stuff is seriously addicting! It makes...
Carmel Corn Recipe

Carmel Corn

By Karla Everett
This is a very old recipe , it came from my Great Grandma Roupe. An EXCELLENT sauce...
Party Popcorn Mix Recipe

Party popcorn mix

By Gail Herbest
quick, easy and Yummy
Ghost Guts Recipe

Ghost Guts

By Ashley Dawkins
Who doesn't like salty and sweet!?
St. Patrick's Day Popcorn Recipe

St. Patrick's Day Popcorn

By Kim Biegacki
Wow, this is another really different recipe choice for St. Pat's Day. I really look...
Peanut Butter Popcorn Recipe

Peanut Butter Popcorn

By Krista Davis
I can't stake a claim on this recipe...it's from a very good friend of mine. ...
Baked Caramel Corn Recipe

Baked Caramel Corn

By Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello
You will never buy store bought caramel corn again! So yummy, very addictive. I made this...
Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

Snickerdoodle Popcorn

Who doesn't like popcorn...now you can have popcorn at a whole new level. This recipe will...
Annual Agricultural Fair  -2011- The Best Yet! Recipe

ANNUAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR -2011- the best yet!

By Beth M.
Have you ever spent more than one evening or day at the fair? Usually we...
Chocolate Popcorn (allergy Friendly Snack) Recipe

Chocolate Popcorn (allergy friendly snack)

By Annie Wazny
My son has Eosinophilic Esophagitis which makes it hard to find food that he can eat....
Sweet And Spicy Kettle Corn Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Kettle Corn

By Staci Ojeda
We love Kettle Corn.. and well, we love spicy! (not my pic, found at foodiewithfamily)
Captain Crunch Popcorn Bars Recipe

Captain Crunch Popcorn Bars

This recipe came to me in an email but it used Granola Bars. I am...
Super Easy Caramel Corn Recipe

Super Easy Caramel Corn

By Dawn Goldsworthy
I think its the cinnamon that makes this one so good :)
Freddie's Popcorn Cake...by Cinstraw Recipe


By Straws Kitchen
I promised to post this (and forgot)...but here it is now. I guess you could say, "better...
Caramel Pop-corn Balls! Recipe

Caramel Pop-corn Balls!

By Ashley Hicks
After trying several recipes I just couldnt find the kind of pop-corn ball that I was...
Microwave  Lunchbag Popcorn..a Healthy Way To Pop! Recipe

MICROWAVE LUNCHBAG POPCORN..a healthy way to pop!

By Nancy J. Patrykus
I have used this recipe... many times. Hurrah! no artificial flavors...etc. Use plain popcorn...saves on the pocketbook! I generally use...
Eggnog Popcorn Balls Recipe

Eggnog Popcorn Balls

By Kim Biegacki
Lovin' this recipe with some popcorn, nuts and nog, how fun! This would be a fun...
Marshmallow Popcorn Balls Recipe

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

By Kathie Carr
Everybody loves these. They are easier to eat than the popcorn balls made with syrup. Great for...
Snickers Popcorn Recipe

Snickers Popcorn

By Carole F
I love popcorn combinations. During the holiday it just seems to be the perfect time...
Bacon And Herb Popcorn Recipe

Bacon and Herb Popcorn

By Carole F
Want to justify having popcorn for breakfast...well, now you can! Picture and recipe borrowed from Yummly...
Kelly's Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Kelly's Caramel Popcorn

By Anthony DeRigo
My gf decided to make it one evening and it saves me from buying it from...
Chocolate Covered Popcorn Recipe

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

By Erin Mascroft
A quick and easy "go-to" for a sweet treat or last minute holiday (or anytime) gifts!!
Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Caramel Popcorn

By Mary McCollough
This is a recipe that I have used for 25 years and is one of the...
Homemade Fiddle Faddle (toffee Popcorn) Recipe

Homemade Fiddle Faddle (Toffee Popcorn)

By Bobbie Hewitt
I love this waay more than the traditional caramel popcorn. It's easy enough to make for...