#Pnw Recipes

By Dolly And Annie Watts
Published By Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver (www.arsenalpulp.com)
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Venison Roast with Juniper Berry Rub

By Beth Renzetti
I found this while researching PNW foods/recipes. It can be found in 'Where...
Photo By Randy Mayor

PNW Market Salad

By Beth Renzetti
Another recipe found at several sites. I edited the ingredients to suit my own tastes.
Photo By Gary Moss, Courtesy Of Epicurious

Fresh Sage, Apple, Sausage & Parsnip Stuffing

By Beth Renzetti
Oh golly this looks delicious beyond imagination and is the recipe I'm using this year! ...
From Morgan At Fo Reals Life Through A Meatout Mondays Email.

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

By Beth Renzetti
Using cherries native to the Pacific Northwest, no sugar added, naturally sweetened with the cocoa powder,...
Thank You, Deborah Madison

Summer Rhubarb and Blackberry Compote

By Beth Renzetti
We tend to assign rhubarb to early spring and blackberries to mid-summer, but in the Pacific...
Photography By Motoya Nakamura. February 2011.

Warm Marinated Olives

By Beth Renzetti
From a restaurant in Oregon.
Photo Courtesy Of Brian Lee


By Beth Renzetti
from an Oregon restaurant. *prep time is cooking the components. **cook time is assembling.
From Feastingonart.com

PNW Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

By Beth Renzetti
From Bridgewater Bistro, Astoria, Oregon. This sauce may be used 'as is' to baste over meats and...
Photo: Charles Maraia

PNW Honeyed Yogurt Parfait

By Beth Renzetti
Using delightfully fresh, local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, this is a lovely recipe found on...
Photo From Thedeliciouslife.com

PNW Cranberry Sauce

By Beth Renzetti
This was originally named 'Cranberry sauce with Zinfandel, Star Anise and Black pepper' which didn't fit...
Photo Courtesy Of Theculinarychase.com

Grilled Oysters with Tarragon Butter

By Beth Renzetti
*I* don't like seafood but my family does so each New Year in an untraditional Italian...