#Pierogies Recipes

Pierogies With Asparagas Sauce Recipe

Pierogies with Asparagas Sauce

By Cheri Payton
I was looking for a quick flavorful meal one night and had this and that and...
Polish Potatoes Recipe

Polish Potatoes

By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
This is an easier way to get the same taste of pierogies, some say even better!...
Lazy Girls Pierogies Recipe

Lazy Girls Pierogies

By Deneece Gursky
This recipe came from my Nana and she called it lazy girls pierogies. It has the...
Eastern European Skillet Recipe

Eastern European Skillet

By Shelley Young
This is a one skillet dish that my whole family loves! It's great to serve with...
Potato & Cheese Pierogi Recipe

Potato & Cheese Pierogi

By Heidi Hoerman
Pierogi belong to that wonderful family of filled dumpling that is popular around the world. ...
Chicken & Pierogie Pot Pie In Puff Pastry Recipe

Chicken & Pierogie Pot Pie in Puff Pastry

By Didi Dalaba
The filling is out of this world good. It's chock full of chicken, potato & cheese...
Pittsburgh Pierogies Recipe

Pittsburgh Pierogies

By Cassie *
These are delicious, and the dough is pretty much fool proof..Very tender, an authentic true Pittsburgh...
Grandma's Sunday Dinner Pork And Kraut Pierogies Recipe

Grandma's Sunday Dinner Pork and Kraut Pierogies

By Rene Stevens
My hubby and I both had Polish grandparents, and both of us have cherished memories of...
German Pierogies With Kielbasa, Bacon & Apples Recipe

German Pierogies With Kielbasa, Bacon & Apples

By Family Favorites
With the beginning of fall, I start to think about Oktoberfest and all of the wonderful...
Bacon Pierogi Bites Recipe

Bacon Pierogi Bites

Lookin' for a way to fancy up a classic like bacon? These Bacon Pierogi Bites use...
Mexican Twisted Pierogies Recipe

Mexican Twisted Pierogies

By Kim Biegacki
This is what happens when your Dad comes over from 4:30 to 1:00 am to make...
Famous Polish Pierogies Recipe

Famous Polish Pierogies

By Kim Biegacki
Pierogies should be called "Pillows of Heaven" as they are one delectable bite of fluff mainly...