#Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes

Ham And Three Bean Soup Recipe

Ham and Three Bean Soup

By Lisa, Mason's Mom
This recipe is easy, healthy, and packed full of protein. My Great-Aunt used to make this all...
Mamie's Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Mamie's Swedish Meatballs

By Dori Lawson
This recipe for Swedish Meatballs has been in our family for literally 100 years. I am...
~ Best Ham Loaf ~ Mustard Glaze Recipe

~ Best Ham Loaf ~ Mustard Glaze

By Cassie *
Hubbies request for his lunches this week! A Pennsylvania favorite! I'm always experimenting with my ham...
Amish Style Apple And Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Amish Style Apple and Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

By Vickie Parks
The addition of sweet apples and the warmth of cinnamon takes plain oatmeal to a new...
Amish Style Macaroni Salad Recipe

Amish Style Macaroni Salad

By Carolyn Haas
Every region or nationality seems to have its own version of Macaroni Salad. It's interesting to...
Amish-style Deviled Eggs Recipe

Amish-Style Deviled Eggs

By Carolyn Haas
We love deviled eggs, so I am always looking for different deviled egg recipes. From an...
Eierstich - Egg Custard Soup Garnish Recipe

Eierstich - Egg Custard Soup Garnish

By Carolyn Haas
Another favorite from my German mother - Eierstich. She would put this into home-made chicken soup....
Apple Butter Recipe

Apple Butter

By Carolyn Haas
My first experience with apple butter was at an Amish restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. At the...
Pancakes Recipe


By Baby Kato
I love pancakes and this is one of my personal favorites. Perfect as is, or...
Sauerkraut & Brats Recipe

Sauerkraut & Brats

By Baby Kato
These bratwurst sausages are wonderful served as sandwiches but equally as good when served with fried...
Comfort Food - Ham & Green Beans Recipe

Comfort Food - Ham & Green Beans

By Baby Kato
There is nothing that tastes better than simple food and this is a wonderful example. Who knew...
Carrot-raisin Salad Recipe

Carrot-Raisin Salad

By Carolyn Haas
Always a yummy addition to any potluck, this salad come from Lizzie's Amish Cookbook.
Pennsylvania Dutch Coleslaw Recipe

Pennsylvania Dutch Coleslaw

By Carolyn Haas
Sometimes it's nice to have a non-mayonnaise cole slaw like this one from Lizzie's Amish Cookbook....
Salad Dressing - Hot Bacon Recipe

Salad Dressing - Hot Bacon

By Baby Kato
Best salad dressing I ever tasted... so good, sweet and salty, simply perfect. Beautiful served over...