#Patty Recipes

Kotlety - Polish Patties

Kotlety - Polish Patties

By Monica H
Germans call it Frikadellen, Poles call it Kotlety... let's call the whole thing off and just...
My Mom's Tasty Salmon Patties

My Mom's tasty Salmon Patties

By Donna Woodford
Mom would make the patties ahead of time and individually wrap them and freeze. Then when she...
Chicken Fried Steak With Homemade Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Chicken Fried "Steak" or Sandwich

By Gail Welch
I got this idea from my old fashioned "steak" finger recipe. This is a quick main...
I Love It Because It's Light And Taste Good Too, After This You Don't Feel Heavy And Sleepy, Very Light For Lunch And Sandwich.

Vege juice and Patty

By Itav D
All the greens we juice, vitamins and fiber still in the residuum, that's why I like...
Mackerel Patties

Mackerel Patties

By Amy Herald
My kids love these! You can make these with salmon as well! This dish is pictured...
Ground Chuck Burger With Colby Cheese And Spices Mixed In

Country Beef Colby Cheese Patty

By Cheryl Culver
We make up our own burgers often and we like to get creative on the mixes....
So Yummy

The Ultimate Patty Melt & Chips

By Andy Anderson !
I have always loved the ubiquitous patty melt; however, there are good patty melts, and then...