#Oysters Recipes

Oyster Dressing Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
My recipe I use all the time. We used to have mega buffets on 4 holidays...
W D's Oyster Stew Recipe

W D's Oyster Stew

By deb baldwin
Will Dodge just sent me this recipe. It sounds really good (if you like oysters). Photo: Will...
Grilled Oysters With Butter And Wine Recipe

Grilled Oysters with Butter and Wine

By Sue Adame
Garlic, butter, a hot grill and fresh from the market oysters! Nothing starts a back yard...
Rusty's Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

Rusty's Oysters Rockefeller

By Pat Duran
This recipe is from Rusty , owner of Rusty's Restaurant in New York City. (owner of...
Scalloped Oysters Recipe

Scalloped Oysters

By Zelda Hopkins
My Mom used to make this dish for us as a special treat during the Holidays....
Stewed Oysters....first Lady  Martha Washington's Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
This recipe appeared in The Washington State Centennial Cookbook "VINTAGE VITTLES" 1989 This recipe has been passed...
Oh So Good Oyster, Bacon & Mushroom Stew Recipe

Oh So Good Oyster, Bacon & Mushroom Stew

By Sherri Williams
WOW, your famiy and friends with this delightful oyster stew for the holidays. This stew...
Naked Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

"Naked" Oysters Rockefeller

By Bill Wentz
sometimes called "Naked" Rockefeller because of the missing shell, but that is all that is missing...
Cream Cheese 'n Chive Smoked Oysters Recipe

Cream Cheese 'n Chive Smoked Oysters

By Kelly Williams
One of my favorite ways to enjoy smoked oysters! A very simple but very delicious easy-peasy...
Baked Haddock With Oyster Stuffing Recipe

Baked Haddock with Oyster Stuffing

By Carol Junkins
Nice recipe posted in my "Flavors of Cape Cod" cookbook. It was submitted by Pat...
How To Shuck An Oyster Recipe

How To Shuck An Oyster

By Carol Junkins
My husband works an Oyster Grant down in Cape Cod, MA. It takes 2-3 years to grow...
Father's Day Oyster Fest Recipe

Father's Day "Oyster Fest"

By Bill Wentz
4 dozen bed raised Eastern Shore Oysters from my Sister-in-Law's Oyster bed in Lower Maryland. Steamed,...
Oyster Soup Recipe

Oyster Soup

By Pat Campbell
I have not made this soup for several years, I do not remember why. I think...
Stone Crabber Oyster Stew Recipe

Stone Crabber Oyster Stew

By billy haze
First off! Before making this uncommon stew. Bake a pan of corn bread,(plenty of fine...
Scalloped Oysters Recipe

Scalloped Oysters

By Kelly Lollman
This recipe was given to me by a friend at my former workplace. This is...
Bacon & Cheese Potato Pancakes With Fried Oysters Recipe


By Sherri Williams
Not your ordinary pancakes! These are potato pancakes with deep fried oysters and salad that can...
Rockin' Debbie's Baked Potato Recipe

Rockin' Debbie's Baked Potato

By Deborah Garza
A different baked potato dish that I created and wanted to share. My friends and family...
Champagne Oysters With Tarragon Recipe

Champagne Oysters with Tarragon

By Melanie Campbell
I serve this every year over pasta ( ziti, penne, elbow, etc.).
Oyster Fritters Recipe

Oyster Fritters

By Patty Sandifer Baskin
This is an adaptation of a very old recipe from Plantation Days
Grilled Oysters, No Shell Needed! Recipe

Grilled Oysters, No shell needed!

By Linda Rider
I couldn't find a good grill recipe for these tender morsels, so I created one... they...
Grilled Oysters Recipe

Grilled Oysters

By Lou Kostura
This is my variation of a recipe that I tried years ago. It is a big...
Deep Fried Oysters Recipe

Deep Fried Oysters

By Jennifer J
I acquired a taste for oysters when I was 10 years old, but the oysters had...
Roasted Oysters Recipe

Roasted Oysters

By Sherard Lewis
Another island tradition.
Charbroiled Oysters Recipe

Charbroiled Oysters

By Patrick Johnson
They say at Drago's in NOLA, "mother nature made the oysters, we just perfected them." ...