#One Dish Recipes

Sausage & Rice Recipe

Sausage & Rice

By Fran Beard
This is a quick an easy one dish meal my husband insists on at least once...
Baked Chicken And Rice Dinner Recipe

Baked Chicken and Rice Dinner

By Diane Taylor
I have been making this dish for my family for many years. The best thing about...
Latin American Pork Stew Recipe

Latin American Pork Stew

By Colette Bowling
I found this recipe in a One Dish Meal Recipe Book. I did not have a...
Glorified Tomato Beefy Mac'n Cheese Recipe


By Pat Morris
I make this often because it is tasty, easy and quick to prepare. I wanted something...
Ellen's South Bend Haluski Recipe


By Ellen Bales
It seems everyone makes this differently. Most add ham or Kielbasa. I prefer a meatless version,...
Fork Tender Pot Roast Recipe

Fork Tender Pot Roast

By Martha Price
This is a recipe familar to most cooks - it has been making the rounds since...
Skillet Meal Recipe

Skillet Meal

By Elizabeth Maxson
This has always been a family favorite, which has evolved over the years. This is...
Sauerkraut And Pork For New Years Day Recipe

Sauerkraut and Pork for New Years Day

By Marcia McCance
Oh Wow!! My Mom used to make the best Sauerkraut and Pork on the planet!! We...
Potluck Ham & Pasta Recipe


By Ellen Bales
I found this recipe in a magazine a while back and had forgotten about it. Now...
Chili Skillet Recipe

Chili Skillet

By Tammy Raynes
This meal in a pan goes from start to finish in about 40 minutes. If you...
Mexican Chicken Roll-ups Recipe

Mexican Chicken Roll-Ups

By Tammy Raynes
If you have cooked chicken leftovers in the freezer, make this Southwestern favorite. Serve it with...
Hominy Casserole Recipe

Hominy Casserole

By Tammy Raynes
The cumin and canned chilies add a Southwestern taste to this comforting dish. Canned chilies are packed...
Southern Okra Recipe

Southern Okra

By Tammy Raynes
Oh my what I could say about this delicious little vegetable. Whether it be fried, pickled,...
Italian Sausage W/ Potatoes & Peppers Recipe

Italian Sausage w/ Potatoes & Peppers

By Martha Price
This classic Italian recipe is one my husband and I make when we want a hearty...
Chicken Casserole W Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Chicken Casserole w Mushroom Sauce

By Martha Price
This was the first dish I ever made for my boyfriend Jim, now my husband (after...
Kitchen Sink Mac & Cheese Recipe

Kitchen Sink Mac & Cheese

By Areatha Daniels
I can't stand throwing GOOD FOOD away ! I try to cook at least every...
Crazy Cake Recipe

Crazy Cake

By Tam D
This was my Dad's recipe, and I have no idea where he got it, but I've...
Old Fashioned Hobo Dinner Recipe

Old fashioned Hobo dinner

By Teena Hval
I have been making these for 40 years and eating them since I was a kid....
Easy One Dish Chicken Tamales Recipe

Easy One Dish Chicken Tamales

By Cassandra Webb
I love Tamales, but don't like all the work involved. This recipe is quick, easy and...
American Goulash Recipe

American Goulash

By Georgane Vann
my aunt made this all the time I think she added a little chili powder to...
Mexican Cornbread Recipe

Mexican Cornbread

By Jo Ann Duren
I have made this recipe several times, it is always a big hit with my family.
One Dish Chicken Dinner Recipe

One dish Chicken dinner

"ONE DISH & DONE DINNER" . . Super Easy and Delicious.
Diet Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Diet Cabbage Rolls

By Krista Hiner
Recipe by Caron Warner and Joyce Arbogast, friends of the family. We love these cabbage...
Spicy Tuna Linguine Recipe

Spicy Tuna Linguine

By Julie Ann Keene
This one dish wonder is full of flavor and provides everything you need for a balanced...