Quick & Easy #Olives Recipes

Mar 6, 2019

Kathy's Three Olive Tapenade

By Kathy W
Great spread for sandwiches. It is delicious served with wheat crackers, hummus, thinly sliced cucumbers, and...
Jun 26, 2018

Greek Pasta Salad

By Patti Rahilly- Jones
A nice twist on a pasta salad. Something different and super easy.
Jun 1, 2016


By Alyson Ridge
Okay, so the name is funny and you've probably guessed - this is my take...
May 12, 2016

Souvlaki salad

By GrillWarlock .
This is a Greek inspired dish with a twist of healthiness that has many flavors.
Aug 9, 2015

Mediterranean Chicken

By Sara Andrea
Elegant looking single dish meal to serve for company. This is the dish that introduced...
Jun 23, 2015

Feta-Kalamata Olive Spread

By Kathy W
This is a great sandwich spread for wraps, subs or even on crackers for appetizers.
May 15, 2015

Chamorro Potato Salad

By Melanie B
This recipe was given to me several years back by Toni T on this site. ...
Apr 16, 2015

Middle Eastern Style Pasta and Chickpea Salad

By Kathy W
I like pasta and I like chickpeas. I combined them to make this tasty salad.
Feb 10, 2015

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
Perfect for a girls weekend or a side dish at a family dinner. Rosemary dinner rolls makes...
Dec 4, 2014

Green Olive and Cream Cheese Spread

By Kathy W
This is quick and easy to make and oh, so delicious! Be prepared, it disappears quickly....
Dec 3, 2014

Cheesy Olive Balls

By Kathy W
I ran across this recipe that I had copied from an old cookbook. It would not...
Nov 26, 2014

Sweet Onion Dip / Salsa

By Cassie *
One of the dips I made to keep everyone satisfied until the turkey is served tomorrow....
Oct 7, 2014

Chicken Salad with Fresh Salad Greens & Warm Naan

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
Refreshing, light and easy! Perfect for any time of day.
Aug 13, 2014

Macaroni with Olive Sauce II

By Kathy W
After making and thoroughly enjoying my Macaroni with Olive Sauce, I wanted to make it...
Aug 3, 2014

Macaroni with Olive Sauce

By Kathy W
If you like garlic and olives, then you'll like this. It's quick and easy to fix....
Jul 16, 2014

Bacon, Mushroom and Pepper Jack Cheese Omelet

By Vickie Parks
This is similar to the BMP Omelet (bacon, mushrooms, pepper jack cheese) served at our local...
Jun 4, 2014

Mediterranean Meat Loaf

By Diana Perry
I've been making this most of our married life, and don't remember it's original source. ...
May 5, 2014

Pimento Olive Cheese Sandwiches

By Sharon Whitley
A twist on a favorite. I love olives, so this was a big pick for me.
Feb 27, 2014

Veggie Loaded Couscous MMB

By Melanie B
I have been trying to eat more organic and healthier meals. This is what I came...
Jan 22, 2014

Sweet & Savory Cheese Ball

By Donna Graffagnino
When I first got this recipe from a friend of mine I thought it was going...
Jan 13, 2014

Antipasto Platter

By Kim Biegacki
Happy New Year 2014 TO YOU ALL! This year for New Year's Eve my husband Anthony &...
Dec 14, 2013

Fiesta of a Spread

From Mr. Food.All the yummy veggies, seasonings, and cheeses blend together to make a fiesta in...
Nov 12, 2013

Olive Dip

By Cassie *
Made this last Thanksgiving...it was a hit...if you like olives you will love this dip...I love...
Oct 15, 2013

Kim's Green Olive Tapenade

By Kimberly Rowlett
This is terrific dip or spread, for lovers of green olives, on top of crackers, toasted...
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