#Old Fashioned Recipes

My Grandmother's Chocolate Pie Recipe

My Grandmother's Chocolate Pie

By Debbie Thurmond
This was the recipe my grandmother always went to when she made a chocolate meringue pie....

Aunt Minne Lee's Pound Cake Recipe

Aunt Minne Lee's Pound Cake

By Debbie Thurmond
Aunt Minnie Lee was my Grandfather's baby sister. She could quilt, bake, garden and do...

Praline Crunch Cake Recipe


By Beth M.
While remembering the family friend who gave me the other cherished cake recipe I posted today...

Mincemeat Cookies Recipe

Mincemeat Cookies

By Beth M.
Going through an old file box of, I found this in my mother-in-law's writing,a recipe from...

Old-fashioned Jubilee Jumbles Recipe

Old-Fashioned Jubilee Jumbles

By Angela Gray
These are from the 1957 Betty Crocker's Cooky Carnival recipe booklet. You could order it by...

Good Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies Recipe

Good Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

By Mary Leonard
Baking cookies, especially around the holidays, is a tradition in my family. I got this recipe...

Date Filled Cookies Recipe

Date Filled Cookies

By Beth M.
These were so special and I have good memories of visiting my Aunt Doris when I...

Grandma's Antipasto Recipe

Grandma's Antipasto

By Nicole Filizetti
My husband's grandmother made large batches of this family-favorite condiment. She passed the recipe down...