#Nuts Recipes

Save-a-day  Coffeecake Recipe


By Leila Rockwell
I like to serve this with the Breakfast Pie. They are both prepared the night before,...

Chicken Salad For Recipe 2

Chicken Salad For 2

By ali Bresnahan
What to do with a leftover chicken breast? Make the yummiest salad you've ever tasted.

Muffin Cup Pecan Pies-annette's Recipe

Muffin Cup Pecan Pies-Annette's

By Annette W.
Okay so you're stuffed after eating your big Thanksgiving or Christmas meal and only have room...

May's Date Nut Loaf Recipe

May's Date Nut Loaf

By Lucille Hoerle
My childhood friend's mom used to make this delicious old fashioned loaf. We love it...

Pumpkin Stew Recipe

pumpkin stew

By arlene laflamme
after the birth of our 2nd child we wanted to set traditions that our children would...

Pecan Spice Scones Recipe

Pecan Spice Scones

By Teresa Jacobson
This is a lightly sweetened scone so that all the other flavors can be enjoyed. So...

Spiced-up Apple Crisp Recipe

Spiced-Up Apple Crisp

Lately I like to experiment with different flavors and put things together that you would not...