#Noodles Recipes

A Bowl Of Salisbury Steak Meatballs Over Egg Noodles.

Salisbury Steak Meatballs

By Liz Lanza
One of my family's favorite meals! A twist on pasta and meatballs.
Inside Of The Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti.

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti

By Betty Graves
Cream cheese and spaghetti. Wow! One of my favorite ingredients to cook with is cream cheese....
Chicken And Noodles Close Up With Seasoning.

~ Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles ~

By Cassie *
I made this easy, tasty meal for my mom to help out while ill. She loved...
Japanese Ramen

Japanese Ramen

By Amy Herald
This stuff is very yummy and so much healthier than the cheapie prepackaged Maruchan Ramen....
Tomato-basil Creamy Chicken & Pasta

Tomato-Basil Creamy Chicken & Pasta

By Amy Herald
I love any kind of pasta and cream sauce! Who doesn't love good comfort food!
Apricot Noodle Kugel

Apricot Noodle Kugel

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin
Struck up a conversation with a woman in the doctor's office one day and we started...
Yum Yum Noodles

Yum Yum Noodles

By Tricia Suyeto
This recipe was made actually by my 20yrs old son, when he was 5yrs old. Hope...
My Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup

My Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup

By Susan Feliciano
My girls loved Campbell's Chicken Noodle - who doesn't? But I really wanted them to get...
Country Style Ribs Over Campanelle Noodles

Country Style Ribs over Campanelle noodles

By Kim Biegacki
I created this recipe a coupe of weeks ago because I am on the go all...
This Was One Of My Most Favorite Dishes My Mom Used To Make For Us When We Were Kids.

Bot Boi Noodles

By Deneece Gursky
I am posting the Bot Boi noodle recipe for another member whom requested it. They are...
Shirataki Noodles And Shrimp

Shirataki Noodles and Shrimp

By Rocky Barragan
Shirataki Noodles a great substitute for those trying to watch their carbs!
Peanut-ginger Noodles

Peanut-Ginger Noodles

By Melissa Powers
If you love Sesame noodles this is a very easy recipe and very healthy. I've adapted...
Creamy Chicken And Wide Noodles (almost Fettuccine)

Creamy Chicken and Wide Noodles (Almost Fettuccine)

By Betty Graves
Almost Fettuccine describes this recipe. You do however use the wide noodles instead of fettucinne...
Ground Beef Stroganoff

Ground Beef Stroganoff

By Lisa Pekala
This is a great, quick recipe to make with ground beef and soups that you may...
Spicy Mexican Chicken


By Bonnie .
I created this Spicy Mexican Chicken recipe many years ago out of ingredients I had on...


By Kim Biegacki
This is a staple dish that comes from both my husband's family side and my Step-dad's...
Made This For My Father In Law ..and He Really Liked It.

Italian Roll Ups

By Kellie Parker
I really enjoy making this dish. Every time i make this dish for my family there...
White Coconut Chex Mix

White Coconut Chex Mix

By Carol Morrison
I make candy at Christmas time with dried fruit, nuts and candy corn and I melt...
Hungarian Noodle Bake

Hungarian Noodle Bake

By Deb Crane
This is a family staple at our table! What's there not to like? :) I found...
Chicken Noodle Bake

Chicken Noodle Bake

By Sea Sun
I found this recipe in one of my favorite recipe books, but altered it slightly to...
Tuna Casserole

Just Another Tuna Casserole -- Not

By Gary Hancq
Now and then I get a hunger for just such fare. I figured I'd do it...
Tuna Casserole

Grandmother Phillips' Rice Pilaf

By Andrea Van Eaton
Buttery and delicious... this is a great side dish or good as a bed for a...
Mamas Homemade Egg Noodles

Mamas homemade egg noodles

By Penny Hall
Depression Era Recipe
Noodles Dupont -- Bonnie's


By Bonnie .
We love this tasty and easy way to make a noodle side dish that goes well...

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