Liquid Hand Soap and Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Barbara Oseland


Going on the home made train. Trying when I can to make the items used every day for a fraction of the cost. I have seen so many laundry detergent, dishwashing soaps, fabric softeners, beauty skin care and natural things to keep the critters away. I looked up a few myself and thought I would post some.

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8-9 cups liquid soap
12 Hr
15 Min


4oz bar soap or 4oz of plain soap flakes (can be found online at or can try to find at your local store)
8 c
water (or strained herbal tea, which adds a nice mild scent)
1/2 tsp
scented oil (optional for dishes and/or hands)
1 tsp
honey (optional for hands)
1/4 c
vinegar (for dishwashing - goes into dish water, not soap)
containers for 64 oz storage, make sure they are labeled


1Grate the bar soap with a cheese grater (freezing the soap beforehand may make this easier) while you heat the water or tea in a large pot until it starts to steam. Take the pot off the stove, add the soap gratings and essential oil, if using, and mix well with a wire whisk or an immersion blender. Let sit for 8 to 12 hours. If the mixture is not completely uniform, mix it well again and let it sit for another 8 to 12 hours. Put your finished liquid soap into an empty wine bottle and top it with a metal pour spout. Store any extras in a glass bottle or jug.
2This liquid soap will not make suds like most commercial soap liquids. That doesn’t mean it won't do a good job, just that it doesn’t contain the chemicals manufacturers add to make it foam.
FOR DISHWASHING: Add ¼ cup or more of white vinegar as needed to your dish water to help cut grease, especially if your water is hard.

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