Wedding and Party Favors !

Colleen Sowa


I made these for my daughter's wedding, her baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, Halloween Treats.... the possibilities are endless!

They are easy to make and fun!

For my daughter's wedding, I held a party to teach people a craft and to help me make these... we had a blast! We had so much fun... that we had a second party and were able to have baskets of these besides the ones at everyone's place setting.


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1 - 150
5 Min
No-Cook or Other



  • 1 - 2 pkg
    color printer paper of your liking
  • 1 - 5
    tubes from paper towels or toilet paper
  • 1 - 5
    glue sticks
  • 2
    colors of curling ribbon
  • 1
    paper punch
  • 1
    paper cutter
  • ·
    stickers (or make decorative stickers on address labels)
  • ·
    business cards to print design on and names and dates

  • 1 - 6 pkg
    hershey's kisses (this time of year they may come in your color theme)
  • 1 - 6 pkg
    mini candy bars

How to Make Wedding and Party Favors !


  1. Before starting to make the party favors, make sure you do all the prep work of assembling the supplies needed.
    1. If you are making your own stickers using address labels or other types, print out your designs on them in advance.

    2. If you are attaching a card to the party favor with curling ribbon, print out the buisiness cards on both sides, they are perfect for printing everything twice on the cards and then you cut them in half and use paper punch to make a hole. So you will have two cards for the price of one!
  2. Decide how long you want the party favors to be... they should not be longer than a roll from toilet paper... but can be shorter. Experiment by making a coulpe of sizes (what you put inside of them will also help determine the sizes). Also, you must measure a piec of paper being wrapped around the tube being sure to leav a little room to over lap and glue down with a glue stick.
  3. After the size of the paper is determined, cut the colored printer paper to that size using a paper cutter.
    Wrap one piece of the cut paper around tube. Use a glue stick to go across the inside edge of the pape to be glued to the under one. Press gently but firmly to seal. Place a sticker at the center of the seam.
    Slide off of the tube. Set aside and do many more!
  4. Set the paper tube you made on a table with the glue seam facing up. Press down on the end of the glue seam and make a small crease on each side of the end. Put the glue stick inside the edge and coat the inner edge. Press together to seal.
  5. Put in the desired fillings.

    Set the tube back on the table to seal the open side... This time.... you point the already sealed end up and down instead of flat! Very important part of this!! Then make the creases like you did at the other end... but the seam will not be in the middle! The ends will be in opposite directions!
  6. Punch a hole with paper punch near the end of one of the sides of the paper tube.

    Put your curling ribbon through the hole, put little business card onto ribbon. Gently but firmly tie ribbon and use a blade of the scissor to curl the ribbon.

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