Top 20 Healthy Recipe Ingredient Substitutions

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1The first ingredient is the "Original Ingredient" and the second ingredient is the "Healthy Substitute".
21 Large whole egg (1/4 cup) - WARNING -
When baking substitute half of the whole eggs
with egg whites or the product may be tough=2 Large egg whites, 1/4 cup egg whites or egg
32% or Whole milk=Skim, 1/2 % or 1% milk
4Heavy cream Soups/casseroles=evaporated skim milk
Baking - light cream or Half & Half
5Coffee cream or Half & Half=Whole milk or evaporated skim milk
6Buttermilk=2% Buttermilk or 15 Tbsp skim milk + 2 Tbsp.lemon juice
7Evaporated whole milk=Evaporated skim milk
8Sweetened condensed whole milk=Lowfat or nonfat sweetened condensed milk
9Sour cream & yogurt - WARNING - If
recipe requires cooking, use nonfat only in
sweet recipes=Lowfat or nonfat
10Cream cheese - WARNING - Nonfat
produces dips and cake frosting that are very
runny=Light cream cheese
11Cottage cheese & Ricotta cheese=Lowfat or dry curds
12Butter - WARNING - Light/lowfat
margarines contain more water and may cause
a baked product to be tough, so try decreasing
regular margarine 1 to 2 Tbsp first=Margarine
13Regular cheese (block or shredded) -
WARNING - Do not use nonfat in cooked
foods because it does not melt=Lowfat or nonfat
141 cup Cheddar cheese or 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese=3/4 cup Very sharp or sharp Cheddar cheese or
3/4 cup fresh shredded Parmesan cheese
151 oz. Unsweetened baking chocolate=3 Tbsp. dry Cocoa + 2 Tsp sugar + 1 Tbsp oil
161 cup Chocolate chips=1/2 cup Mini chocolate chips
171 cup Oil in quick breads (muffins, breads)=1/2 cup Baby fruit or vegetable + 1/2 cup oil or
1% buttermilk
18Regular peanut butter=Reduced fat
191 cup Chopped pecans or walnuts=1/2 cup Nuts toasted to bring out the flavor
201 cup Shredded coconut=1/2 cup Toasted coconut + 1/2 Tsp coconut extract
21Mayonnaise & salad dressing -
WARNING - Do not cook with nonfat because
they turn sweet with heat=Light or nonfat

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