My next xmas Tree project or Neckless for a child

Stormy Stewart


These are personized by the things you add. Kids will love making these as a snowy or rainy day project.

This is a project I am working on as next years Yule tree ornaments. (Last year was crystal spiders.) One for each member of the family. Each personalized with something that says it is theirs. They will be attached to their present then they can be put on the Christmas tree each year.

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1 each


guage jewery wire
jewery pliers
assorted beads
neckless chain or string for hanging on tree


small toys
material for clothing
added hair
hats, ect


1To make one, first fold a 10-inch piece of 24-gauge wire in half, twisting a loop in the middle for a hanger. Thread beads and charms onto both sections at the same time for a head and body, then separate the sections and add more beads and charms to each one to create the legs. Trim the ends, if needed, then curl them with jewelry pliers to keep the beads in place. For arms, twist a 4-inch piece of wire around the body, just below the head. Thread on beads, then trim and curl the wire ends. Finally, string the bead buddy onto a chain for a necklace.

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