Make a Lighting system for your deck

Stormy Stewart


I found this craft some years back. So far I have made 3 but each time someone loves them so much I give them away. This year I am making them again and Keeping them for my own patio.

Can't think of a crft for recycling small, plastic water or soda pop bottles. Try making your patio or backyard festive with strings of Christmas lights and these colorful little covers.

I did mine all in the beveled water bottle tops and in colors blue, purple and green

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1 string or many put together


string of lights
a # of
small water or soda bottles 1 for each light if using only top or 1 for every two lights if switch up top and bottoms
a # of bottle
transparent glass paint
craft wire, scissors (i used scrapbook beveled edge scissors to cut ridges) or utility knife
paint brush
wire cutters


1Using the scissors or utility knife, cut the bottles in half. You will use both halves to make different shaped patio light covers. If you want all your covers to be the same shape, use just one half. You can simply leave the cut edge straight, or you can cut edge into a scalloped design or any other design you like. (I made mine with the tops only and the beveled edges.)
2Paint each light cover using the transparent paint. You can paint the entire light cover or simply paint abstract or other designs. Let the paint dry.

(I did a spatter design)
3If using the bottoms also

Use the tip of the scissors or the craft knife to make a small hole in the center of what would have been the bottom of the bottle. You should be able to slip the light cover over the bulb so that the light covers look like little lamp shades.

For what was once the top half of the bottle. use the tip of the scissors or a utility knife to make a small hole near the top of the bottle. If you bottle are very thick, this hole may have to be down below where the top of the bottle screwed on. To attach the light, cut a small piece of craft wire and poke one end of the craft wire into the hole. Stick the light into the drinking hole in the top of the bottle and wrap the wire around the wire of the light. Twist the two ends of the wire together to hold the light in place.
4Now just hang your patio lights up

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