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I have several friends who have a "Special Child" and I want to dedicate this post to those I call "Down's Delight".

They truly are Special, and God intends us to honor them.

I believe God gives these Special Children to parents who are also special...as He knows they are the ones with the right stuff (real love to give).

So if your are a Special Parent or Special Grandparent, please feel as if this is your page...

Post a photo and story about your Special Down's Delight Child.

AND always remember "You" were the Special Person God chose to take care of His "Special Children"....His Down's Delights!!!

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1First we'll start out with Mariah Slick, 18 yr old Student With Down Syndrome, who was Elected and Crowned Homecoming Queen In Texas (WATCH VIDEO)
~~~OR~~~ her FB page
She is truly a "Special Child"
2Anna Lynne...one of the brightest little people you'll ever meet. She goes to school, takes horse back riding lessons and loves to read.

She may grow up to be a Hair Stylest
3Addie...another bright little person. She loves to play, learn and loves to play with her Nana and Papa.

She makes the best pies...mud pies, and may grow up to be a Baker on FoodNetwork.
4Phoebe...Gail's neice. What a precious `lil Girl.
NOTE from Gail:
Gail Welch's sister (Neima) and our special angel, ''Phoebe''
Cindy, thank you for bringing attention to our special needs children. I posted a picture of my sister and her daughter, Phoebe. Phoebe was born 2 months prematurely, weighing 1 lb 12 oz. She spent 5 months in the NICU before ever getting to come home. She was later diagnosed with Prader-Willie Syndrome after her test were sent to Baltimore for extensive in depth testing. She is now 8 years old and cannot walk or talk. More recently she has been diagnosed with downs tendencies. She is a happy child and can laugh so hard that it is infectious. She is a blessing to our family and we love her very very much.
5Jasmine Lei...Ali Bresnahanalibee's Granddaughter
NOTE from Ali:
Jasmine Roberts, my 8-year-old granddaughter. She is a girl who wants to have fun, fun, fun. She likes to dance, knows how to hula, likes to do artwork, and likes to watch movies...has a bunch, plays them over and over, and has most of the back and forth lines memorized. Likes to be a princess, likes to dress in costumes. Makes her mother call her by the name of whatever character she's "being."
Robyn (my daughter) will say, "Jasmine..." and she's likely to say "I'm not Jasmine, I'm Dora the Explorer. Hello, Dora's mom!" and she calls her that until she decides to be some princess or other.
She has a teenaged sister, whom she dearly loves, and they are very close.
Her very favorite thing is to hang out with her Daddy who has a tropical fruit truck (above her head). She likes to go with him to sell fruit, and enjoys saying "Aloha" to all the visitors and customers. She's a sweet girl.
6Jasmine loves to help her Mom bake.
Precious just precious!!!
7Jasmine wanted to say "Happy Halloween"
8Donna Morales' Brother In Law
NOTE from Donna:
This is my 63 year old brother in law and his 89 year old mother. He will always be dependent up someone to care for him. The doctors are amazed at how healthy his mother has kept him all these years. He truly is a miracle.
9Geri Gallagher's sister...family photo taken in Dec. 1973...
NOTE from Geri:
Oh my this touches my heart very much Cindy and thank you for posting.
My younger sister has Downs Syndrome and will be 49 Oct 18th of this year (2013).

She is very active in the community has a great sense of humor is loving kind and sweet to everyone..They are a Blessing from God.
Marie attends an Adult Day program and enjoys it very much. She loves to do any activity her four sister's and one brother want to do. She likes to visit our friends. And just loves everyone she meets.

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