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The meanings of hearts and spades


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How to Make DIVINING WITH PLAYING CARDS ~ part 2 of 3


  1. The Heart Suite

    Hearts represent light brown or auburn haired people with pinkish complexions and blue, grey or hazel eyes. A friendly, sympathetic nature. Emotional matters, love and marriage, children and artistic pursuits.
  2. Ace - A card promising affection and domestic happiness. It could refer to a birth, marriage proposal, new friendship or reunion.
  3. Two - Good fortune, perhaps greater than anticipated. The consolidation of a current partnership or new romantic liaison. All friendships and close personal ties should flourish.
  4. Three - An engagement or news of a wedding. A difficult choice may have to be made, if so, try to defer a decision until you can consider all the
  5. Four - A time of change, either of employment or residence, or perhaps both. Marriage or remarriage is a possibility for a mature enquirer.
  6. Five - Not a time to make important decisions or to contemplate dramatic changes in your way of life. The best advice is to take a short break, relax and get your thoughts in order before tackling any business or domestic worries.
  7. Six - Pleasing family news, perhaps of an engagement or a child's achievement. However, others may try to take advantage of your good nature, so avoid taking on too much.
  8. Eight - Social life is highlighted and will bring much pleasure. A journey or outing could lead to a romantic encounter which develops into an enduring
  9. Nine - Often known as the wish card, this good omen promises success in whatever is closest to the enquirer's heart at the time of the reading. Any existing misunderstandings will soon be resolved.
  10. Ten - A fortunate card promising happiness in love, a fulfilling domestic situation and business success. An opportunity to secure the future may arise unexpectedly, if so, do not hesitate to take it up.
  11. Jack - An amiable, sincere young person, probably a friend of long standing or near relative of the enquirer. He or she could be instrumental in introducing the enquirer to someone who is to become very important emotionally.
  12. Queen - A warm hearted, mature woman who has the enquirer's best interests at heart. Kind, affectionate and sensible, she offers sound advice, practical help and comfort.
  13. King - A good natured man, well disposed towards the enquirer. Sociable, generous and enthusiastic, he may lack discretion, so is not always a wise
    judge. Alternatively, an indication that any minor money problems will be short lived.
  14. The Spade Suite

    Spades represent sallow complexioned people with dark brown or black hair and eyes. Powerful or influential people, strong characters. Power or position, conflict, mental activities, law and order, foreign affairs.
  15. Ace - A card of challenge, signifying the end oof one cycle and the start of the next. Underlying tensions or problems, whether at home or work, are about to erupt, this may be distressing but will clear the way ahead.
  16. Three - Caution and prudence are advised, especiaally in any form of partnership. In business or emotional life, conflict can arise if you allow a
    third party to interfere or let outside interests intrude.
  17. Four - Disappointment is the key work. Plaans may be delayed or disrupted, promises could be broken and, on the home front, much needed support may be
    lacking. Do not worry, there will be fresh opportunities.
  18. Five - Do not despair if things fail to go accorrding to plan, financial or business problems are only temporary and can be resolved in time. All will be well if you have patience, reschedule your program and persevere.
  19. Six - Progress may seem irritatingly slow, espeecially if you are hoping to complete a deal. Despite setbacks, plans will come to fruition eventually, with hard work and persistence, so do not give up.
  20. Seven - You may have to cope with an unexpected burden or onerous task. Try to keep a sense of proportion, foolish anxiety over minor issues could cause tension and lead to unnecessary conflicts.
  21. Eight - Difficulties all round, a testing time whhen close relationships could be under sever strain, business and travel plans go awry or a friend lets you down. Resist harsh words or hasty actions and guard health.
  22. Nine - Physical and mental energy may be at a loow ebb due to anxiety, so do not take on extra burdens until this trying period is over. Offset depression by taking stock of assets and make realistic plans and goals for the future.
  23. Ten - Unwelcome news or worry over a loved one adds to an already tricky situation. It may be difficult to summon up enthusiasm, yet this phase will soon be over and the prospect for the future looks considerably rosier.
  24. Jack - An acquaintance or relative of the enquirrer who, despite good intentions, may well cause problems. Friendly and witty, this young person may
    be good company but is also immature, irresponsible and unreliable.
  25. Queen - An independent, capable and efficient womman, possibly a widow or divorcee, who can be ruthlessly ambitious. She makes a strong ally but a
    formidable foe, and may be too forthright to have many close friends.
  26. King - A successful man of some standing, perhapps a lawyer or other professional, who is in a position to help the enquirer. Influential and
    authoritative, he will demand respect and his advice is to be trusted.

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