Aroma therapy and Herbal medicine Part 4 (H through L)

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Aroma therapy and herbal medicine part 4


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How to Make Aroma therapy and Herbal medicine Part 4 (H through L)


  1. Hazelnut {Corylus Avellana}: A carrier oil that seems best for dry to normal skin types. Best used at 25% of carrier oil total.
  2. Ho Leaf {Cinnamomum Camphora}: As this oil has an Aroma almost identical to Rosewood, a seriously endangered spices, it is often used to replace the rosewood in perfumes. However it does not have the same therapeutic effects and as yet its uses in Aromatherapyn are unknown.
  3. Hop {Humulus Lupulus}: A mild calming Oil that can help with sleeping. As it also has mild analgesic qualities it is particularly useful for any painful condition that prevents sleep. A potent oil on the skin and it should not be over used.
  4. Hyssop {Hyssopus Officinalis}: Safety first, as this is a very potent oil it should be avoided by
    pregnant women, and people with high blood pressure, as well as people with Epilepsy. This oil is reputed to help with grief. A very effective oil for helping scars to heal.
  5. Immortelle {Helichrysium Angustifolia}: One of the most important oils in the Aromatherapist's
    Pharmacopoeia. As it boosts the immune system it can raise the persons vitality. Lessens the effect of shock, and helps with fears and phobias. Helps with depression too. This oil also helps the skin regenerate, and promotes cell growth. With it's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti viral properties, it is a very effective oil for various conditions. Such as Candida, cold sores, acne, etc. And when blended with Bergamot, Lavender and Yarrow is said to be an effective treatment for Psoriasis.
  6. Inula Sweet {Inula Helenium}: Aromatherapy uses unknown.
  7. Jasmine {Jasminum Grandiflorum}: An extremely useful oil for treating depression. It stimulates, uplifts and helps boost self-confidence. It should be avoided during pregnancy, but it can be used to speed delivery, once contractions have started. Further it can help with postnatal depression, while also help the mother bond with baby. Also reputedly promotes
    lactation in nursing mothers too. A great beauty oil, helping all skin types, and dry skin in particular. A blend of 1% in Macadamia nut or Jojoba makes a wonderful moisturizer for very sensitive skins. Makes a wonderful hair conditioner too. While it is possible to produce a Jasmine Essential Oil, it lacks the wonderful aroma of the Absolute. Also as the absolute,
    as with all absolute oils, is only used at half the dilution of an essential oil 0.5% - 2.5% the use of the absolute is better value.
  8. Jasmine {Jasminum Sambac}: See Above. Jasminum Sambac is preferred by some for its perfume qualities.
  9. Jojoba {Simmondsia Chinensis}: Less an oil than a wax. In Aromatherapy it is normally used at 5% to 20% of the total volume of carrier oil. However as it also acts as a natural preservative, and holds the scent of rare oils so well, it can be used as the only carrier oil in beauty applications. At 10% of total volume, makes a wonderful hair conditioner too.
  10. Juniper Berry {Juniperis communis}: A great tonic for the liver, has been known to help with cirrhosis. It also helps the blood clear toxins from the blood. Very useful for oily and congested skins. If used in a good skin care blend this oil can be good for the treatment of Acne. Great for the hair too. Best avoided during pregnancy.
  11. Kanuka {Leptospermum Ericoides}: This is one of two relatively new oils now used in Aromatherapy. By looking at the traditional medicines of the Maori and Aboriginal peoples, it was discovered that this oil reputedly had good skin toning properties.
  12. Labdanum {Cistus Ladaniferus}: its main use is as a fixative in perfumes. However as it also has good mood uplifting properties as well as calming and stress reducing properties, it is an effective and useful Aromatherapy oil. It has toning and soothing effect upon the skin too.
  13. Lavandin {Lavandula Hybrida}: Lavandin oils comes from a plant that is a hybrid of True Lavender {Lavendula Angustifolia} and Lavender Spike {Lavendula Latifolia}. It is very similar to Lavender but without the sedative properties; as such it has the ability to refresh a tired mind. One of its main uses is as a pain killer, and can help with tired and stiff muscles.
    Its cicatrisant effect can help with mildly scarred and blemished skin.
  14. Lavender (Mont Blanc - High Alt) {Lavendula Angustifolia}: See Lavender. Often has a better sedative effect helping give a good nights sleep.
  15. Lavender {Spike} {Lavendula Latifolia}: This oil is a wonderful cerebro-spinal analgesic, helping calm nerve pain too, makes this very useful oil for sports injury, and other aches and pains. Some times known as the male lavender as the scent is less flowery and more
    clearer and fresher. As this oil is has as emmenagogic effect it is best avoided in pregnancy.
  16. Lavender {Lavendula Angustifolia}: This is the most used oil in Aromatherapy. It has a soothing and sedative effect, thus helping with sleep difficulties. Further it has a balancing effect upon the central nervous system so may help with bi-polar disorder. Its sedative action also helps reduce blood pressure. It's pain relief properties make it a great oil for sprains or strains, especially in a blend with Marjoram. As it promotes the growth of new cells, it is suitable for all skin conditions. It has a very good effect upon burns and sunburn. Great for healing wounds and preventing infection. A great hair and scalp tonic too.
    Like Ylang-Ylang, Lavender is available in different levels, 30/32 40/42 50/52. The most therapeutic being a 50/52 but for most uses a 40/42 is standard. In some years, as Essential oils are natural, there will be no 50/52 produced.
  17. Lemon {Citrus Limonum}: Felling hot and bothered? Try this cooling and refreshing oil. A good tonic for the circulatory system. As it helps liquefy the blood, it can be very helpful for people with heart problems, and can have a good effect upon varicose veins.
    Helps brighten dull complexions, and has a good effect upon spider veins and broken capillaries. Further it has a cleansing action upon greasy skin and hair. Strengthens brittle nails. Do not use in direct sunlight, as it is a photo-toxic oil.
  18. Lemon Verbena {Lippia Citriodora}: This oil is famous for helping to banish depression, as it reduces stress and tension it has very beneficial effects upon the mind. Further, by helping to reduce tension it can be useful for stress related sexual problems, and could explain it's reputation as an aphrodisiac. Also this oil reduces puffiness in skin and is a good hair tonic.
    Some tests have shown this oil to be photo toxic, so best avoided before going out into direct sun light.
    Lemongrass {Cymbopogan Flexuosus}: A revitalising oil that helps with states of exhaustion, lifting the spirits too. A good tonic for the body, helping the glands. Reputed to help with colitis. In massage it helps make muscles suppler. Helps give good tone to the skin, and helps open the pores, thus can help with clearing acne. Also as it helps keep insects at bay it can be a great oil for the traveler too.
  19. Lime {Citrus Aurantifolia}: Useful uplifting oil for helping deal with apathy. As a digestive stimulant it can also help with Anorexia. Its astringent, refreshing and toning qualities helps with greasy skin. As with all the citrus oils it has a photo-toxic effect, so best avoided before going out into direct sun light.
  20. Linden blossom {Tilia Europaea}: A relaxing oil that can help with sleeping problems. Good for reducing blood pressure. On the skin it has a softening and soothing action, and is reputed to help keep wrinkles at bay too. Further it has a reputation for helping
    with blemished skin. A good scalp and hair tonic that is said to help promote hair growth

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