Princess 'Cayenne' Peppa

Annette W.


This is our beautiful, loving, pull at your heart strings, loyal, howling, ornery, smart, looks like a red fox....Shiba Inu..Cayenne.

She will be 7 years old on April 29th 2012. We have had her since 6 weeks old. Shiba's are a Japanese breed. They are the cats of the dog world. They are habitual preeners and also climb on furniture and are known to climb up trees.
Cayenne spends her day laying on the back of the couch watching squirrels and napping. She howls for treats and company rather than barking and she has several "babies" that are assorted stuffed animals that she knows by name.

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lots of love


1 medium
shiba inu named cayenne
1 small
family who loves
her like a daughter
elephant baby
dinosaur baby
snoopy baby
reindeer baby
bobo babies


1Yeah so, I have my own leopard Snuggie. Don't judge.
2If I don't fall asleep on the couch in my favorite spot, Mommy always tucks me in my own Snuggie in my bed.
3Daddy told me to sit pretty for a picture, so I did. Iz I a perty gurl?
4Baby elephant always wants to know what the hype is when I watch out the window all day so Daddy put him on my back to see. I think he liked it.
5Mommy always has to put me in my sweater every year when it snows for the first time. I don't like it but she says it matches my fur so well.
6Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
7My handsome cousin Casper. Isn't he gorgeous?
8My cousin Princess. She's a sweetie and lives with Casper.
9Awwwww look at Casper the sleeping baby boy.
10Awwww poor little princess. Her little sister, our niece loves to dress her up and carry her around in a baby carrier. Funny thing is, she LOVES it!
11My other cousins, Maggie, the German short hair and Millie, the English bulldog. They are my cousins too and are family with Casper and Princess. Millie snores like a buzz-saw.

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