pet death/euthinasia ritual

Stormy Stewart


This a simple ritual that helps you both with the changes that have occured. I first used this over a year after my "Butthead" passed. He was a coon kitty who died from the cat food poisoning scare that was a few years back.

I hope it helps some of you also

Please place a photo of your lost pet as you try this ritual.

The lab is Micah..... the rat is Dilly......The husky is Bella

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sandlewood incense, rose quartz, red candle, white candle, vinegar, flower of choice, honey.


1Light the incense and candles and greet the Lady and Lord and say:

I come to you now to release (name of pet)
This pain and all emotional burdens
That plague my heart so heavily
Take them from
me-set my free!

Name the flower for your pet. Stroke it's petals and tell your pet how much it is loved and will be missed. Take the flower and place it on your altar. Lay the rose quartz on top of the rose. Tell the pet that the stone will always represent him/ her to you. And urge them to go freely into the Summerland to be reborn.

Now say:

Your free to go now Little one
Rejoice and play-the time has come
For your spirit to be on it's way
Have fun, be happy-your love will stay!

Remember your pet, then place a drop of vinegar on your tongue to represent the sourness we feel when a loved one crosses the veil. Have a good cry if you need one. When you can cry no more put a drop of honey on your tongue. Extinguish the candles and thank the Lady and Lord. Release the flower into a body of water. Wish it a fond farewell. Keep the rose quartz close to you.

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