Non-Edible... Phyllis' cement/stained glass Table

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By Phyllis Lively @PhyllisBaker
from Currently NEW BRAUNFELS (formerly of Boerne), TX

The "birth" of this outdoor table should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I'm bound and determined to "make it happen". Below in the ingredients and directions section is THE REST OF THE STORY.........

serves A table full of people


    4 bags of cement
    lots of stained-glass scrap pieces
    a tree-stump or other pedestal for tabletop
    no real talent - just a vivid imagination and determination

How To Make

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    Started with a tree stump from a storm-fallen Oak Tree. I wanted to make a tabletop for it to use when we entertain at Our Own Eden. Hubby and I couldn't think of how we could make something either portable or weather-proofed. As with any idea - we "slept" on it. Truly, in my dream it came to me! I woke up in the morning and said, "honey - cement". Of course I got his infamous words: "what are you talking about?" The tabletop! He said and you can put a stained glass design in it which I hadn't even thought of. And that's how it all began...
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    Off we went to home depot for supplies. He made the 4 foot round form, mixed the cement and poured what was going to be our new outdoor table. I busied myself with getting out all my colorful scraps of stained-glass and put a tentative design on another 4 ft table. I was up until 3 o'clock in the morning moving pieces/parts around to make it into a collage of individual pictures of "us".
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    Anyone who knows our personalities can "see us" all over the tabletop. We're tickled how it turned out... it just took teamwork & imagination to put it all together. Trust me, no special talent here.... don't look too closely. And if you DO see the mistakes - it proves we're plain ol' simple human folks. OH, and those aren't flaws - they're "character".
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    Can't wait to have our big get-together with family and friends in April -- I think it'll be themed: Fiesta Fun at Our Own Eden. Ya'll come now, hear..... Bring your hammer & nails because our next project can use YOUR talent - we're hoping to build a gazebo or pergola structure at the far end of the mulched area in the background towards the woods.... right beside the stream and waterfall not shown in picture. Wish us luck.......

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