I Spy Toy/s for Kids & Adults

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By Amy Alusa
from Chico, CA

I quite enjoy the I spy books that I run across, and read to my nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc. so I came up with two or three ideas of my own that I think some of you will enjoy doing yourselves! The people in my life very much enjoy it!

serves How many do you want to make?


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    a strong, long or tall, clear, see through, sturdy, thick glass or plastic bottle with a good sturdy lid
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    strong rubber band
    enough sand, rice, small pasta, tiny beads, etc. to fill the container
    small, or tiny, solid objects, pictures, small plastic or metal toys, nails, washers, screws, small buttons, a match stick, a penny, anything else you can find that is very small and different form the other things.
    you can have as few or as many as you would like. the more there are, the longer the game takes to finish! get it?!!!

How To Make

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    Make a list of the items to be found in the jar, and put a little check box by each item. Laminate this list. If you don't have a way to laminate it, go to your public library or print place and do it or get it done there. Cut the list out of the laminate so that the laminate edges extend beyond the list about 1/8 of an inch (so that the list does not slip out of the laminate). Leave about 1/4 of an inch of laminate at the top of the list and punch a hole in that top piece of laminate.
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    Put a layer of sand (or whatever stuff you've decided to use)in the bottom of the container. Put in a few of the items you've chosen to hide in the sand. Repeat this process until the container is about 2-3 inches from the top. Replace the lid, and shake and shake to distribute items throughout the sand.
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    Take a rubber band or a string tied in a circle like a rubber band, and attach the list to the jar. I would use this by threading the string or rubber band through the hole, and putting one side of the loop through the other, and pulling tight.
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    Place the string or rubber band around the bottom of the lid to the container. The person playing with this item can check off items with a washable marker, and then wipe clean when they are done (so they or someone else can play again).
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    There are several versions of this game. You can skip the list and just fill a large, low bucket full or sand, and mix up a large variety of small treasures into the sand. Put one (or more) small plastic shovel/s in the bucket to dig for a "Treasure Hunt". This is a great "outside on the patio game"

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