Make your own mint infused oil & recipes

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By Stormy Stewart
from Mio, MI

Peppermint infused oil can be used for so many things from lotions, to salves, to sprays for cuts and scrapes, to muscle rubs and massage lotions.

serves any amount in 7 days


    organically grown mint
    clean jar with tight fitting lid
    carrier oil: sweet almond, jojoba, safflower (pick one)

How To Make

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    The amount of mint you make will depend on the size of your clean jar. NOTE: You will need a fresh batch of leaves everyday for the next week. 1. Crush the mint leaves with your hands and pack them loosely into the jar. 2. Pour the oil into the jar and fill it to cover the leaves. Cover tightly and set aside in a warm place. 3. Next day, strain the oil off the leaves and crush a new batch of leaves. Pack into the same jar with the strained oil. Top off with new oil, close the jar and set aside in a warm place for a day. 4. Repeat step three for the next five days. On the last day, pour into smaller bottles and label them carefully and refrigerate to extend its shelf life.
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    to make perfume or cologne from the oil You can make your own perfume by adding about 15 drops of essential oil into a ½ ounce of vodka or Evercleer.
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    To make minty lotion. You can add 30 drops of infused oil to 8 ounces of your body lotion (unscented) shake and let sit 2-3 days and use

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