#Non Alcoholic Recipes

Mango And Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

Mango and Blackberry Smoothie

By Barbara Kavorkian
Going a little tropical. I found the idea of these flavors and it is just...
Mock Raspberry Champagne Recipe

Mock Raspberry Champagne

By Barbara Kavorkian
This is a wonderful drink to ring in the new year, or for holidays, weddings or...
Mock Margarita Punch-annette's Recipe

Mock Margarita Punch-Annette's

By Annette W.
Something fun that the kids can enjoy too. Refreshing and fruity. Hits the spot on those...
Rosy Pippin Drink Recipe

Rosy Pippin Drink

By Barbara Kavorkian
Lite and crisp drink with apple juice, lemon, splash of grenadine and ginger ale. I...
Virgin On The Beach Drink Recipe

Virgin on the Beach Drink

By Barbara Kavorkian
Like a Sex on the Beach without the alcohol. Sweet and fruity way to get...
Sugar Free Low Carb Egg Nog Recipe

Sugar Free Low Carb Egg Nog

By Jennifer Parks
My family likes this more than the full calorie store bought version. All the taste without...
Cranberry Bog Fog Recipe

Cranberry Bog Fog

By Pam Ellingson
Just thought I would try something new in the Drink department tonight. Found a recipe for...
Miami - Fusion Virgin Mojito Recipe

Miami - Fusion Virgin Mojito

By Marissa Greathouse-Caraballo
A tasty virgin drink to set back on the porch and sip on.
Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe

Iced Mocha Coffee

By Virginia McGee
Do you like the Starbucks Frappuccinos? My husband is a coffeeholic. After 20 years in the...
Party Punch Recipe

Party Punch

By Deb Wilson
This can be alcohol free for a kid's party or not for adults. A very tasty...
Bloody Martin Recipe

Bloody Martin

By Carolyn Haas
A variation on "mater beer"!