#New Orleans Recipes

Praline Bananas Foster Cakelettes

By juliana evans
This is an amazing dessert that looks so fancy and tastes incredible. This recipe is based...

New Orleans Bread Pudding

By Linda Elmenhorst
Delicious! Like a warm hug!

Shrimp Etouffee

By Scott Anderson
A proper Etouffee must be cooked for hours, however this recipe has been toned down to...

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp

By cheryl clark
Shrimp isn't grilled or in traditional BBQ sauce, but that's what they call it in New...

Authentic Beignets

By donna morales
Grew up eating these all the time. Nothing in the world like them. One order of...

Chicken Creole

By Amy H.
An amazing dish, tasty and healthy!

"NAWLINS" White Beans & Yellow Rice

By Sherri Williams
This is my Logan twist on a New Orleans favorite, Red Beans & Rice. This...

The Big Easy Beef Po’ Boys

By Andy Anderson !
Tradition says that the Po’ Boy was created as a free meal for the striking transportation...

New Orleans Dirty Rice

By Donna Graffagnino
Cajun rice or "dirty rice" is a well loved New Orleans dish and a Louisiana classic,...

EZ Crawfish Bread

By Donna Graffagnino
There are plenty of crawfish bread recipes out there, with all kinds of crazy ingredients, but...

Creole Shrimp Stew

By Donna Graffagnino
Traditional New Orleans Creole Shrimp Stew is made with a brown roux and tomato sauce/paste, giving...

Rémoulade Sauce (Big Easy Style) with a Twist

By Andy Anderson !
Rémoulade pronounced (reh-moo-lahd) started out its humble life as a classic French white sauce (the classic...

Rice Pilaf with a Cajun/Creole Twist

By Andy Anderson !
First off, this is not what is commonly called “Dirty Rice.” It uses a long-grain white...

Quick and Easy Shrimp or Crawfish Ettouffe'

By Mary Terrell
This is a 30 minute meal that tastes like you stood over the stove for hours.

Bread Pudding

By Amy H.
I just love bread pudding. I use any kind of bread in this recipe, even torn...

Delicious Louisiana Gumbo

By Amy H.
This is so good stuff! All from scratch! No Zatarain's here! You can use any combination...

Cajun Fried Chicken over Pasta

By Amy H.
Just an idea I had in my head. This stuff came out amazing. Hope y'all like...

Micro Muffulettas

By Shauna Havey
Put a little Mardi Gras into your game day celebration with these delicious little sandwiches. ...

Shrimp Po' Boy with a Yummy Remoulade Sauce

By Andy Anderson !
A shrimp po’ boy is a simple sandwich to construct… You have shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, and...

N'Awlins Red Beans and Rice

By Lynette !
This is a really easy red beans and rice recipe. For the best flavor, make...

New Orleans Style Shrimp & Sausage Pasta

By Elaine Bovender
I had some shrimp and smoked sausage that I needed to use up, so I started...

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

By Carolyn Haas
I had left over Easter ham and found a recipe on a bag of beans that...

Fat Tuesday Rum Runner

By Vickie Parks
This is a delicious and refreshing Mardi Gras cocktail. It's a deep sunset shade of...

Cajun Style Pork Chops

By Vickie Parks
Southern style breaded pork chops get a nice kick from the Cajun seasoning in this recipe....
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