#Naan Recipes

Sticky Chicken Naan Sandwich

By Lori McLain
I was inspired to make a sandwich out of some great chicken thighs I got on...

Breakfast Naan Bahn Mi

By Lori McLain
I like to shout " Good Morning Viet Naan " when serving this....I am inspired...

Spring Fling Sandwich

By Lori McLain
I love crispy crispy pancetta! Here I mix crumbled pancetta into kalamatta olicve spread, then...

Ravishing Relish Chicken Naan Sandwich

By Lori McLain
I love any wandwich on naan bread, but especially love a grilled chickensandwich. I experiemnted...

Chicken-n-Naan Dumplings

By Lori McLain
We love chicken and dumplings, but sometimes you have to have it ready fast !...

Naan Pizza Rolls

By Lori McLain
I wanted a delicious pizza pinwheel and my favorite naan inspired these pinwheel type pizza rolls....perfect...


By Sherri Williams
My hubby and son love my beef tips in gravy. I love Naan bread. I created...

CinnaNaan Rolls

By Lori McLain
I had a craving for Cinnabon rolls, but decided I could surely make them at home.....so...

Muffaletta Naan Paninni

By Lori McLain
I love soft and tasty naan so much because it is easy to bite into any...

Beef Wellie-Mushroom Bites

By Lori McLain
I love appetizers and snacks as much as I do a meal....I just wanted to try...

Bread bowl/ Naan bowl

By Neela rufus
Naan is a traditional leavened flat bread popular in West, Central and South Asia. It's very...

Patriotic Popping Sundaes with Cinnamon Naan

By Lori McLain
I love popping rocks candies to make any celebration fun! I like to make this...

Sticky Piggy Bun Sandwich

By Lori McLain
I am a Hoosier girl at heart and love a great pork tenderloin sandwich....this is a...

Grilled Roast Beef and Horseradish Cheddar Naan

By Sherry Blizzard
This recipe came as an accident in an attempt to clean out the fridge. I...

Apricot Turkey Kebabs on Naan with Summer Slaw

By Amy Freeze
This unconventional sandwich pairs healthier turkey kebabs with bright, low fat slaw and naan bread to...

Coconut Chickpea Curry

By Maggie May Schill
A tip,this recipe can be made vegan by substituting vegan butter with the ghee. I find this...

(No-Knead) Unleavened Bread, (Wrap-able Version)

By Mi-Jung, Jessie
Wrappable Unleavened Bread (also, "Roti" or "Soft Tortilla") is suitable for Communion, The Last Supper (Passover),...
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